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Hi there everyone, Badger here!

It’s finally looking like spring and warming up nicely, mums hoping not to have to buy too much more feed and bedding and I am looking forward to being out at night under the stars again!

Where I live I have the best view and I am often to be found standing on the track through the fields just gazing at the views of Kinder Scout in the Peak District (it’s not just humans who appreciate it). There’s been some excitement recently as six Alpacas have moved into a field next to where we all ride, some horses are really scared and others are just curious. John took me past them on a recent ride and was very proud of me because I just wanted to be friends with them (I heard him telling my friend Storms' mum how proud he was of me).

On a more serious note mum has been a bit worried about the recent equine flu issue but she's just being vigilant so my flu jab has just been done, along with my grass mite injection, so I don’t get itchy feathers and stamp my feet, which is rather annoying I'm told!

The vet gave me a clean bill of health and reckons I’m good for 27 years old and I can still do little and often rides so mum, John and Sarah are pleased they can take me out.

Badger the Shire Horse lay in the farm field in his fly rug

The only blot on the horizon is that because I’m always ripping my fly rugs and mum has to keep mending them she is constantly buying new ones which is fine for me, however, this time she’s heard that Zebra print fly rugs are a good idea as research has found Zebras don’t suffer as badly with flies possibly due to their markings! Imagine my embarrassment at having to go out in the field impersonating a Zebra, my friends won’t recognise me and I’ll be a laughing stock!

All the horses on our yard have been wormed now it’s Spring and the routine changes a bit as we are out all the time apart from being brought in to be fed, groomed and ridden. Our carers get their exercise walking across the fields to get us as we don’t come up to the gate to meet them when there’s loads of grass to eat (they need the exercise)

Mums included a photo of my marvellous moustache that I get in winter which miraculously disappears in summer!


Have a lovely spring everyone x


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