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Badger's Blog - Summer Update

Happy summer everyone!

Or that's what I would be saying if it wasn't so rainy all the time and felt more like February than June (sigh) the only good thing is that all those pesky summer flies aren't out trying to bite me to death. I'm sure mum has mentioned my sweet-itch before, and by the way the Zebra print fly rug has gone down an absolute storm with my mates as you can imagine! I did try and get it off the other day which broke it and I thought I'd made it look like an accident but just when I thought I'd gotten away with it and I had my normal looking rug on, she comes back with it the next day all fixed and new looking! I did try.

Current status: still looking like a giant Zebra.

Badger the Shire Horse on Farmland

Anyway my humans have been taking me out a lot more recently which I'm absolutely loving. I get to go out with two of my best friends, Finn and Storm and their humans. My friend Finn is a little bit nervous on roads (all those big noisy metal cars are even scary to us big horses you know!) so I've been helping him get used to being out on the roads. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything but I'm a dab hand at riding out and handling situations, I either ride right at the front and lead the way or stay right at the back and show people that my big apple bum isn't worth messing with! It works a treat, trust me.

My mums newest great idea for me is now giving me turmeric in my food, every day I see her walking towards me with a bucket in her hand whilst I'm minding my own business in the field. Don't get me wrong I find it hilarious to stand in the furthest away field and watch her have to walk past all the other horses trying her best to avoid them with this bucket of feed, she gets mobbed let me tell you it's the funniest thing to witness! When she finally makes it to me in one piece it looks like what I imagine tomato soup for horses would look like, it still tastes great but it does stain my mouth orange! Yet another thing for my mates to laugh at me for, mum reckons it's going to help my stiff joints as I'm no spring chicken anymore let me tell you, I do need all the help I can get sometimes.

Lots of love, 


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