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Ebike Adventures - Duncan's Blog

Ebike adventures - Duncan's blog

On the 1st of September , at last we had a sunny day between the recently  frequent rainy days and Simon and I decided to celebrate this fine day by going for a the bike trip  .

The weather was sunny and it was great to get out in the fresh air and beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Just what you need after the lockdown that Manchester had been in till recently. Cycling is a great way to get some good exercise , especially  with the advantage of an Ebike . You can lower the pedal assist and get you heart rate going and tone up your body , or when knackered or it’s a steep incline , engage the motor and catch your breath while still knocking on . And there’s the glorious countryside to admire . You discover a lot more when cycling than in a car , and you are not polluting the planet !

Simon has the ET-9 and I was riding the ET 8.5 demonstration model . We met up High Lane , Stockport , at the junction of the old Middlewood railway line which is now a great cycle and walking path ,  and the A6

Having hummed and harrd about where to go  , with the help of Mr Google we decided to go to Teggs Nose Country Park high above Macclesfield .

We bowled along the Middlewood way using no battery , as the bikes are perfectly balanced for ordinary riding without the use of the Motors . We hit a problem when the path went onto the canal and being stupid, we ignored what Mr Google had told us ,and thought we had found the  perfect shortcut .

My mistake !!  We were into a very deep valley with steep sides . Fortunately the bikes have a Bosch walk assist function to help us up the steps but it is still hard work . E bikes are 24 kilogrammes in weight and it still takes up an awful lot of Effort to go up a 45 degree slope !!

Once back on route , we decided to keep to the roads and the bike tracks and ended up on the Macclesfield - Buxton Rd , that as anyone in the area knows is steep . But with the motors Simon's active line plus and my 2019 Bosch CX motor it was no problem, we scooted up the hill to Teggs Nose.

The only thing was that with my CX motor the battery level and the range were going down a lot quicker than Simon's active line plus . Having said that my CX was using the TOUR mode most of the time , and  I was using the gears quite actively . Don’t know about Simon as with the extra power I was way ahead .

Following a well-earned rest , and butties , we headed off back through the Derbyshire Hills , initially trying to follow the gritstone trail back to Lyme Hall in Disley .

What a disaster !!!

The trail is really a walking trail with gates and styles not designed for cyclists , so after a few long cuts up some steep hills we came  back onto the Buxton - Disley Rd  , again very hilly, and we ended up going into Lyme Park via the East gate  which is also a rougher trail .

At Lyme , coffee was on hand and after a breather homewards .

We did in total 44 kilometres and according to my Runkeeper app ,  we expanded 1791calories and climbed 701 metres vertically. The longest climbs being of 200 metres and 130 metres in vertical height .

Interestingly , Simon on his active line plus motor only used 2 bars at his battery approximately 40 to 50% where as I on the CX motor used 68% of my battery . This just goes to show that a 75 newton meter motor has more power  and gets you up hills a lot quicker , but a reduced range when compared to the active line plus 50 newton meter on Simon's ET-9 which has gates belt drive and the Shimano Alfine 8 speed rear hub gearbox .

At the end of the ride we certainly knew we'd been riding up hills but this just goes to show that with an ebike you can either let the battery and motor do most the work or you can get some good aerobic exercise  as well. It’s up to you in the end how you want to work out .

A great day out was had by both of us .


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