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Well what a lovely surprise April showers finally arrived- better late than never, in three days we had 40mm of rain, which was very much needed. Where Jack I live we had 50mm, so 10mm difference within a 10 mile radius. We saw the forecast so I rolled the worst of the spring barley to help with the germination, and try to get the smaller plants to tiller out.

The T0’S have now been sprayed on the barley and wheat has had t0 and t1 spray. With all that rain and heat the crops will be going through their growth stages really quickly now, I love this time of year with everything flourishing and growing quickly.

We were given a spray called ‘black gold’ to spray on a tramline in the spring barley, winter wheat and peas. Its basically plant food but they wanted a few farmers to trail it and give results in return for the product so itll be interesting to see the results from that, it was only sprayed on a few days ago so wont see any difference yet but Dads into using his drone so he will taking ariel photos and when we harvest the crops we will see if there is any difference in yield.

German Shepherd dog

At the beginning of the month the ewes were sheared, we trimmed their feet and wormed them whilst we had them in they all seem to be doing well and growing.

Dad and I went in convoy to deliver some oats and oilseed rape, a few weeks ago, it was about a 3 hour round trip- we only had 6 tonne of oilseed rape left and a lorry wont come to collect that as its not really worth it, we could have saved it if we were growing more rape this year but as that’s all disappeared now from the flea beetle we were unable to do and need to clean out the grain stores in time for harvest, time is going so quickly at the moment with there being more to do and making the most of the lighter evenings by working later.

I’ve been picking stones in our fields which are drilled into peas (we have a lot of stones in the fields so I was averaging 30,000 steps a day) I only picked up stones which were the size of my fist or larger otherwise id be there for days, the aim of picking up the larger stones is so that they don’t go through the combine as besides expense it will delay combining and when its dry its go go go. I’ve been picking up stones in the pea fields as generally peas go flat so the combine needs to go lower to pick up the crop, so by picking up stones hopefully it wont cause any delays when we are flat out. Dad last grew peas about 15 years ago.

Here is one of the stones below which as you can see is quite a size.

We have now repaired the roof of the old cattle shed as it leaked and we want to use it to store either machinery or fertiliser in so we want it watertight. We are still yet to concrete the floor, but we are still quite busy with everything else going on but hopefully we can get time before harvest as the concrete lorries are still going and social distancing wont be a problem concreting thankfully as we will be doing it ourselves.

Farmer Emma Foot puppy

Heres Bill stood in one of our fields of peas enjoying the sunshine.

You may have heard about the run 5k, nominate 5 people and donate 5 for Run for heroes. Well I got nominated by a friend and I actually had never been running prior to that-only after sheep or a dog and I cant say I enjoyed that so I wasn’t looking forward to running 5k, but knew I had to do it as it was for a good cause. So I completed the 5k in 37 minutes and actually really enjoyed it, I took Bella with me around the fields as she keeps to my heel beautifully and she’s not worried about sniffing or chasing anything so she’s a good running partner, so I’ve now started running a few times a week when I have time in the evenings, I’ve spotted the dreaded blackgrass already coming up so ive been pulling that too on my run- I just feel so much better in myself for doing it and productive pulling blackgrass too.

I hope your all keeping well and safe, sending lots of love,

Emma X



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