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Emma Foot Farm Update

Emma Foot Farm Update - Letting the Cows out

Its All Go Down On the Farm

All the spring corn is up now, its crazy to think that last year we only just finished drilling. The ground is rather dry now and we could really do with a good downpour, everything is looking so well at the moment but wont for long if we don’t get any rain. We’ve had a frost the last couple of mornings too, which is unusual for this time of year, its not very good for the early maize coming up.

The maize is coming up seen from a tractor cab


Dad has been out spraying the T1 on the wheats, and I have been spraying the oilseed rape, I only drive very slowly through the oilseed rape as I like to try brush past rather than damage the crop too much by breaking too many stalks, on our old John Deere we used to tie up a sheet underneath so it could protect as many of the plants as possible.  

Lady shooting a tractor with a shotgun


Our new clay trap is brilliant; dad screwed it onto a pallet so we can use it on the Manitou, which is really good for shooting at all sorts of angles and heights. I’m certainly no pro but think it’s good fun and good to bring friends together.

I went away to the Netherlands with a few friends for three nights and when I came back Dad had been about with the digger and knocked down a wall of the spray house, and rebuilt it smaller as corn lorries struggle to get around our yard, as everything seems to be getting bigger, so now our spray shed is smaller but we didn’t need it so big anyway as was an old calf shed prior to storing chemicals.  We can’t get a lorry load of concrete in for a few weeks as we want all our corn to go before we concrete it and they drive on it.

concrete brick shed agricultural

I’ve been busy with the fertiliser and have now put on the last application of fertiliser so I gave the spinner a very deep clean, greased it up and sprayed it with oil, to help protect it from rusting, fertiliser seems to get everywhere, I even somehow found it in my socks the other day. We could really do with some rain soon as we seem to keep missing it!

As VAT has now gone digital I’ve been busy putting all of our accounts online, and trying to get used to using the new software, its still all very new to me, the company must be fed up with me pestering them for questions on how to use it.  I’ve been looking into completing an accounts course as I feel it would be really beneficial to me, but ill probably apply at my local college when I’m not quite so busy.

I bought some dog clippers from Lidl and gave Bill his first haircut, I put it all of his fur outside for birds to make a nest, there was a lot of fur so I’m sure it helped make a few nests! Especially now the nesting birds needing more help to survive with this new rule of not being able to control certain pests without a license.

A few weeks ago we turned out the cattle, as you can see there is quite a bit of grass, as soon as I let them out of the trailer they had their heads down, for the first week we let them roam the whole field, but after that we split it in two with an electric fence, they’ve already broke down the electric fence dividing up the field twice so have had to make several repairs in the fence.

Cows with a lot of grass

Our lodge seems to be 1 step forward 10 steps back at the moment, we now have a major leak so walls need to be cut out in order to find the leak and fix it, I was thinking we would have it up and running by now, but I suppose its better to have a problem now rather than paying guests in there, I’m hoping now that it will be completed ready for the next bank holiday but we shall see.

There seems to be a good crop of first cut grass about which will be a relief for livestock farmers after last year’s shortage of food.  Jacks is busy silaging and spreading slurry so he leaves the house and 5am and he doesn’t come in till gone midnight so I’m hoping we will be able to see each other properly before harvest. Hoping all’s well with everyone and thank you for taking the time to have a read,


Emma x




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