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Badger the shire irish cob cross is back with news straight from the horse's mouth

Hello again everyone!

 Badger the Irish cob and Shire horse riding

Autumn time is finally here and that means two things, firstly those pesky flies have finally started to leave me alone!! And secondly me and my friends can finally start coming in at night time which means more yummy treats from our mums, we just stand in our stables and look cute and the soppy humans give us an abundance of treats and giant hay nets.

I say my friends but it's mostly just me and storm that come in at night Storm looks very similar to me although he's got a better figure, I swear I'm just big boned!! The rest of my mates will be coming in round about bonfire night, they don't know what they're missing out on.

Badger and Storm horses in stable

At this time of year I turn into quite the fashionista with my vast collection of rugs, I personally like my weatherbeeta and amigo rugs the best, my mum says I have a better collection of rugs than she has coats but I don't believe that as she occasionally turns up in a lovely new coat from a place she calls hollands country clothing, maybe I should find out if they make horse rugs as I think one would fit in well with my collection!

 Horse rugs in farm stable

I've been out adventuring a lot recently with my dad John, I quite enjoy plodding along and getting attention from passers by who love my big furry feet but I just act natural as I don't want to seem like I'm loving it (I really do love it though) But with every great adventure comes some sort of danger, there's sometimes these big metal contraptions that mum often calls cars that sometimes get too close to me and it scares me, Don't get me wrong some are great and don't get too close but occasionally I think some don't realise how scary they can be! My two mums and dad are usually very good at helping me whilst I'm on the road but I heard them talking about some kind of "public liability" insurance they have just in case these scary monsters were to get me I don't think many people know that they pay to be able to ride me on the road I know I didn't until recently!

I am a very good horse for young or nervous horses to ride out with as I like to give them confidence and look after them as I’m worldly wise and cars give my large feet and backside a wide berth. Mum often jokes ‘ does my bum look big on this? ‘ she thinks she’s funny.

Badger the shire horse in stable with farm cat

At the moment I’m really working on my adorable side by coming trotting up the field to mum when she calls me in because I get extra treats and cuddles and it makes her, John and Sarah really daft and they think mucking out and putting up with the cold is worthwhile.

Time to go now as my bed and haynet are calling me. I’ll write soon.

Love Badger x


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