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Badger's Christmas Blogg

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas,

It’s all busy here on the farm with everyone in their stable at night tucked up nice and cosy and all our lovely owners mucking us out every morning. Mum makes me a really cosy and deep straw bed every day with a lovely fat haynet and bucket of feed and water. It’s great that I can wait at the gate every night and magically mum appears to let me in and even comes early if it’s heavy rain, I have a towel to wipe the water off my face and ears so it doesn’t drip down my face while I’m eating.

Mum has found out I’m talking to you lovely people about my life and wants to tell it from the humans mouth (did you like what I did there!) so it’s over to mum :-

Hi everyone and seasons greetings I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about my life with Badger, I’m Alison and I’ve had badger for 16 years with a three year gap where he had another mum for a while. Badger is the most loving , kind and gentle horse and me, my daughter Sarah and partner John love him to bits.

Having a horse is a lifestyle choice and therefore a full time commitment of time, energy and money which is totally worth it.

Seeing Badgers face, having a horsey hug and his breakfast wiped on me every morning is (believe it or not ) the best start to my day and the mucking out is a mini workout in itself .

Badger doesn’t do much work these days as I don’t get to ride very often due to working to pay for the pampered boy! When we do go for a ride it’s lovely and he is really good on the roads, most people give his big feet and ample backside a very wide berth and most drivers are very considerate. Badger loves to go out for a ride and fully takes advantage of any attention from walkers we meet but isn’t keen on people with umbrellas, squeaky bike brakes or random yellow builders bags 😳 which cause him to do the horse equivalent of a very slow star jump .

On one occasion we were out with two other horses and came across the bin wagon which made the other two spook, one nearly sat on a car bonnet and finally I managed to get my brave and fearless steed to guide them past successfully, he never lets me down and is very reliable.

Hoses are extremely therapeutic and just standing next to Badger with my face next to his cheek I can feel my blood pressure lower instantly if I’m stressed and even if I’m not it’s just a very special bond to enjoy, along with grooming horses which makes for a relaxing experience. Talking of grooming it takes a lot of time and effort to groom hairy horses like Badger as even just from the knees to his feet takes a while and picking those feet up is hard going, it’s lovely to comb through all his hair and make him look handsome though. 

Horses need lots of care all year round, for instance Badger has a white nose which in summer the fur thins and so reveals his pink skin which needs daily sun cream (yes it really does!) and also he has sweetitch which I think he mentioned and so needs constant rugging up and protecting from flies.

In summary the bond you get with a horse if you put in the time and love is absolutely priceless and well recommended xBadger the irish cob horse and horse owner


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