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Guest Blog: Ladies Shooting & The Chelsea Bun Club

Ladies Shooting & The Chelsea Bun Club

I have heard many ladies say that shooting just ‘isn’t for me’ and that it is more of a ‘man’s sport’ but I can tell you here and now that is most definitely not true! ladies shootingMy shooting journey began in 2015 and like many other women I too believed it was an ‘old’ sport for men who enjoy spending days in the cold and rain waiting for birds, and that most definitely did not appeal. I had no idea just how big the clay pigeon shooting industry was or, if I am honest, that there even was one! Nor did I realise just how many women partake in the sport. 

I started with a lesson at a local shooting ground with my husband for his birthday. I was all up for leaving there thinking I had wasted two hours of my life but I couldn’t have been any more wrong. I absolutely loved it; the excitement of pulling the trigger, the thrill of watching a clay turn to dust before my eyes and the joy of people around me as they were watching me succeed. It became addictive and I was counting down the days to my next lesson.

I believe the best way to get into shooting is to go with friends or someone you know and have a lesson. To begin with I was scared to even hold the gun; I had no idea whether I was doing it right or that I was even safe. After a few lessons I knew what I needed to do to be a safe gun and it certainly put me at ease when I was shooting. By starting with a few lessons, it gives you a good foundation to work on by giving you an understanding of gun safety and etiquette. ladies shootingThere really is no better place to learn than with a professional in a safe and friendly environment. And there is nothing worse than being around someone who is unsafe, especially on a game day when you are all shooting in such close proximity.

However, what really took my shooting to the next level was joining an all-female shooting club called the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club (S&CBC) which was recommended to me by a fellow lady gun. the shotgun and chelsea bun clubThey host ladies only shooting events at a number of shooting grounds across the country, and it was here that I met some of my now closest friends. Their events are suitable for people of all abilities whether you are a beginner or an experienced shot. You can turn up with little or no experience and you will be with other like-minded ladies in a safe environment. Once the shooting lesson (for beginners) or competition (for experienced shots) has finished everyone heads back for cake, made by the attendees and the prestigious awards are given.

The other large ladies shooting club is Femmes Fatales who are similar to the S&CBC and they too host events across the UK which makes this is another fantastic club to join. femmes fatalesIt is free to become a member as well so that’s another added bonus! I would also definitely recommend joining up with a local shooting club; even if it is only on social media, as this is a great way to find events close to you. From here the world is your Oyster, and you can branch out into competition shooting, game shooting or if you like to just have fun continue doing what you’re doing. (The BBC recently published an article about the rise of ladies shooting, have a read of it here)

There are so many opportunities available you just need to bite the bullet and take them (pun intended!). I hope you all have a fantastic New Year; there really is no better time to take up a new hobby so go out and shoot straight, shoot safe and most importantly have fun.


The lady Gun


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