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I’m Tom Miller and I am a clay target shooter based in Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Derbyshire. I have been shooting mad for as long as I can remember, shooting my first clay target at the age of 11. I’ve grown up in a shooting family, going along to various competitions around the country with my dad so it was very easy for me to get into the sport. As I grew older and got the competition bug my dad bought me my first competition shotgun at the age of 15 and the rest is history, I’ve been competing for 10 years now!


For the first few years of competing in the sport I was a novice and could never accept that to become one of the top performers in the sport it takes time, but I always knew I would get to the highest class in the sport which is AAA (which I am), this means I’m among the top 5% of the best shooters in the country. However, it’s not as easy and straight forward as it sounds! You really do have to put the time and effort in! Travelling the length and breadth of the country shooting all of the competition grounds in the country most weekends. It’s a big commitment, it really is an apprenticeship into learning how to shoot the variety of different targets that are on offer at the various clay shooting grounds across the country.

Tom Miller target clay shooting

My first major achievement was winning the Browning Winter series in 2010 at Doveridge Clay Sports. This was a big moment for me as it told me I could compete with the best competitors and that I must be doing something right (I’m self-taught and have never had a coach). Once I’d won this event the rest seemed to follow! I’ve competed for Team Derbyshire on numerous occasions and have been the Derbyshire County Champion multiple times as well as having many other trophies under my belt which I’ve amassed over the years. The biggest standout out competition that I attended was the Nad Al Sheba Sporting clays competition in Dubai, this was a 4 day 200 target event (50 targets a day) set in the desert which was an amazing experience!

Tom Miller target clay shooting in derbyshire

For this year, my goals are to perform consistently and represent my sponsors with professionalism at the major competitions, push for a major win and above everything else, to enjoy my shooting/ competing. I’d like to thank Hollands Country Clothing for giving me this platform to write about something I’m so passionate about. I coach at most grounds local to Derbyshire, if anyone is interested in one to one or group lessons, or if you just have a question my number is 07795226692.

Tom Miller clay target shooting competition


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