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A new arrival joins our Highland herd

Not all farming for once! Improving grazing systems, another new arrival, walking with my sister, the biggest day of the year and our local club day!


Welcome back to my blog and for once this month hasn’t been all farming, although I have been working every day at the farm, there have been other things happening as well! So let’s dive in and start at the beginning of the month where we had another new arrival join our Highland herd... A BOY! We’ve been breeding our lovely highlands now for the last few years and every year they have given birth to beautiful baby girls, however this year we had Junior Cardo join the clan and what a teddy bear he is. Each year the births have been easy, successful and stress free for the cows, Harriet and Mini are natural mothers to their babies and all of them are a joy to be around. We are currently trying to halter train a few of them but not without difficulty.  When I first attempted it with Toffee and Flora, they were a bit too old and hesitate towards me and the halter, however persistence is key and now Toffee is friendly, loves a good brush and is easy to go up to. Flora on the other hand is still very shy and only interested if you have bread ha-ha! We’ve now started trying this with Megan and Kate, again Megan taking to it quite nicely but Kate is having none of it… so I will keep you updated if we have more progress as the weeks go on.

New Calf born on Pemberton Farm

Next it was onto improving grazing systems for our cows, I have heard lots of different ways on how to do this. So, this year I was determined to give electric fencing ago, which would help us monitor where our cows go, ensure grass growth and have them going onto fresh pastures every few weeks. Dad hates electric fencing, because not going to lie, it is hard work and a pain to keep moving. It does however mean our cows are happier, have fresh grass to graze and gives the land a break as well, which is win, win. If you follow me on snapchat and Instagram, you’ll have seen me doing this regularly and as many of my subscribers have commented we have an old reel which makes things harder work than it needs to be and can be very time consuming but in my eyes, is definitely still worth it to see happy, healthy cows grazing. I have also been criticized for my lack of straight lines when moving the fence, honestly guys it’s harder than you think ha-ha, but I am slowly getting better, so watch out for improvements on my social media, here’s one below!

grazing electric fence

Then it was onto other things away from farming, walking with my sister and the Moon. For those of you who don’t follow me on YouTube and social media, Moon is our golden retriever pup that is only 10 months old. She’s great although does love to chill with the highlands on a regular basis, which is fine until I take her home and my girlfriend moans, she stinks of cow poo! Ooops! Anyway, on my split shift at work one day, I manged to go for a walk with my sister and her friends because they are currently training to do the three peaks challenge. Not only are they challenging themselves but they’re doing it for two amazing charities, Sane and North West Air Ambulance services. I am sponsoring them and have also donated a Hoodie and Cap for them, so anyone who donates £5 or more with ‘TPfarmlife’ at the end will be entered into the draw to win. All the details for this are on my YouTube channel should you wish to get involved.

Ariel Picture of Farmland

The next event was our local club day, which we only started to get involved in properly last year. As we have a farm shop in the area, we did a float to go into the parade and this was so much fun to be a part of, especially because the family worked the event together. We had Ben, my cousin driving the Massey Ferguson which was pulling the float, Des my sisters fiancé driving the smart car with all our logo’s/details on, Penny my sister, Trish and Georgia, Farm shop workers and family friends on leaflet hand outs and then Myself and my girlfriend Joanna, dressed as cows! It was a scorching hot day, which meant Lytham was full of people watching the parade and to top it all off we won first place in the float competition, which meant so much to the family and our amazing team who worked on creating it. Shout out especially to our Farm shop Manager for the creation!

Tom Pemberton farmer dressed as cow

Finally, this month was also my birthday month, AKA ‘biggest day of the year’ as I like to remind my family in the run up! As always, it’s been a great month, but this month has been extra special as I have managed to spend some quality time with the people in my life. Although farming is my life and I love it, it is hard to fit anything else in, especially on top of my videos etc. And it’s easy to forget to take time away. However, this month I have made a conscious effort and boy am I glad I did. I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime and had some laughs that I’ll remember forever. So, to any farmers that are reading this and feel too tired to go out, yes, it’s important to rest but make sure you are seeing those people who make your life really special as well, because that’s important too. Thanks once again to everyone who’s read my blog. A bit different this time as not all farming related but next month already, I have loads to update you all on! So, keep an eye out for the next one. Again, I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing community and hope you’re all having a successful summer, I am now off out to get mowing the second cut, long night ahead!

Cow fancy dress


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