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Looking for a waterproof coat that is both durable, lightweight and warm? We have the perfect selection of long waterproof coats to keep you dry through the cold winter. Best of all they come in a wide variety of colours and sizes!

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Great for all weather and all occasions, our long waterproof coats are the perfect investment for any season. Made with high quality materials and using the latest technology in waterproofing, these coats will last you years and years to come. 

Our coats are available in knee length, mid length, and maxi lengths to suit your style for maximum coverage. And each one comes with a hood to keep your head and hair dry. So don't wait any longer, order your waterproof coat today!

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Is It Time To Go Long? Or, How I Ended My Wet Leg Misery. My Personal Long Coat Journey

I can't recall how many times I have set off to walk the dog in my normal
top of the thigh length 'waterproof coat' to find upon my return my legs are
soaking wet from the mid-thigh down. Not being long enough to cover the crucial
gap between the top of your wellies and the bottom of your coat hem sort of
defeats the point of the coat being waterproof in the first place! There's
always waterproof overtrousers, but really how many times are you going to go
through the palaver of pulling them on and off (especially if you have mobility

I used to complain a lot. And carry on getting wet.

And then my wife said, ‘Perhaps it’s time you stopped moaning about getting
wet legs, why don’t do something about it, why don’t you go long?’ It sounded
like a challenge. My wife, a very wise woman, ‘went long’ several years ago,
and has never looked back.

I got my first long waterproof coat about 18 months ago, and from the start
it was a revelation. It was the cheapest coat in the Hollands range (I am, I
must admit, cautious with my pennies), but it kept me dry from the start. And I
do mean dry, head, body and legs. It felt a strange at first, I felt a little self-conscious
about what I looked like initially. But that soon went away as I realised how
practical the coat was, even the shoulder cape which seemed a little odd,
served to spill water away from your body like a mini roof – very clever. And
you could put the coat on and take it off in seconds. Bye bye, waterproof
trousers. The coat was, in short, the answer to my wet leg problem. Cue smug wife.

About six months ago, after much thought, I splashed out on a top of the
range long waterproof. It was much more substantial than the original coat, it
will I am sure last much longer, and is more suited to the cold, and extreme wet
weather. It is also breathable which is important if you tend to get a bit of a
sweat on when walking up hill. There is a strange flap in the groin area which
I believe is intended to cover my pommel when riding (you can ride in them
too), I have zipped it off and put it in the pocket, nice to know it's there
should the urge take me. The material is much tougher than the original coat,
and there is a rather classy and very durable clarino suedette trim on the collar and
cuffs etc. Very nice. All in all, it is a great coat, that will last for years,
and I could not be happier.

So maybe you should put an end to your wet leg misery. Here’s a couple of
links to help you ‘go long’ –

Women’s Long Waterproof Coats

Men’s Long Waterproof Coats

I am sure, just like me, you won't regret it.

We have the perfect selection of the UK's favourite long waterproof coats to keep you dry through the wettest weather. Holland's longer length waterproofs have got you covered!