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Craghoppers Salado Mid Trekking Boot

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CMF007 8A6/5

Salado Technical Trek Boots by Craghoppers

These versatile hiking boots are waterproof and lightweight with a durable Vibram sole and a host of anti-insect features that will satisfy the most ardent Arachnophobe

Part of Craghoppers' Travel and Expeditions Range, the award winning Salado boot collection is aimed at the more ambitious traveller

Suitable for his challenging terrain and conditions, this unique trekking boot from Craghoppers is all about keeping you safe to enjoy your adventures. Designed with hot climates and the threat of biting insects in mind, the Salado features the NosiLife insect protection treatment and a clever crawling insect cover keep insects out overnight

Perfect for trekking and hiking,these mid height boots protect and support the ankle, with the quickly adjustable ghillie lacing system offering excellent support

Lightweight and robust Suede and fabric upper (polyester weave), with a comfortable padded collar and tongue. Moulded ergonomic footbed. Lightweight, supporting EVA Midsole. Quality Vibram outsole with excellent traction and grip characteristics

Constructed using flame lamination – more environmentally friendly than traditional methods

AquaDry Waterproof Breathable membrane provides waterproof and breathable performance for hot, wet conditions

Tongue incorporates an ingenious Crawler Guard fold out insect cover to prevent insects entering the boot when you are not wearing it - so no nasty incidents with scorpions when you put your boots on in the morning!

The NosiLife fabric treatment used on the suede and fabric upper is scientifically proven to repel insects

"Stay Free From Bites" NOSILIFE FABRIC - Unique, anti-insect treatment, which last the lifetime of the garment. Fabric incorporates an anti-insect treatment proven to reduce bites by up to 90%. Effective against many insects, including mosquitoes, midges, mites and ticks

NosiLife also functions as a biocide with an anti-bacterial effect that combats odour and prevents bacterial build upon fabric

The Salado is a comfortable, technical trekking boot with innovative insect protection features you can't really afford to be without

Upper: 68% suede, 32% polyester / Lining: 100% polyester / Outsole: rubber & EVA


Sizes; 4 to 12

Colours; Dark Grey, Mid Khaki

Weight; 475 gms Based upon a single boot, size UK 8   

Award Winner 2019 in the new Outstanding Outdoor Awards at Outdoor by ISPO.


Craghoppers Crawlguard Insect interceptor

 Crawler Guard - Protects boot interior from overnight insect invasion!  Concealed away in the front of the tongue, it pulls out to stretch over the top of the boot opening to stop insects crawling in. This is perfect for when you need to leave your boots outside while camping. 

Nosilife insect protective clothing


NosiLife is a breakthrough in textile innovation utilising a unique "built -in" anti-insect technology, offering defence for the lifetime of your garment.

Following years of research Craghoppers have developed the NosiLife fabric technology to help keep you protected from many biting insects - including the mosquitoes that carry the Malaria and the Zika Virus

Nosilife anti-insect fabric technology was originally developed for use against dust mites and is now used across the globe. Extensively employed in hospitals, and used across a wide range of products, including anti insect netting and bedding for protection against biting insects such as mosquitoes.

Guaranteed for the lifetime of the garment, Nosilife clothing is easy to wash and does not require any maintenance or treatment update, it is woven into the fabric to last for the life span of the garment.

Nosilife insect repelling fabric with stretch built in

The World’s first and only permanent insect repellent clothing.

Proven to reduce bites by up to 90%. Permanently woven into the fabric. Nosilife repels many insects. Results Certified by an independent testing laboratory

NosiLife has an anti-bacterial effect that combats odour and prevents bacterial development



Nosilife insect defence technology uses Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid. Pyrethroids occur naturally in the environment and can be extracted from the Chrysanthemum plant. Permethrin is synthesized in a laboratory, so it is more readily available for commercial use.

Many insects that come into contact with NosiLife items will either be repelled, or risk being killed by the treatment.