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Jack Murphy Waxed Cotton Dressing 200 ml


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200 ml

Jack Murphy Waxed Cotton Dressing 200ml

This wax cotton dressing from Jack Murphy is the perfect solution for re-proofing and extending the life of your Jack Murphy wax garments .

The wax cotton dressing helps rejuvenate and protect your waxed cotton jacket, restoring the original finish and a garment's rain resistant qualities. To keep your garments in great shape regular re-waxing is essential.
It's just like polishing a pair of shoes, extends garment life and looks.

Nourish your wax the traditional way. Renew and Preserve

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Rub sparingly into the surface of the garment with a soft cloth.

Size 200ml

- Clear suitable for all colours and types of Waxed cotton wear

Due to shipping restrictions this item cannot be sent outside the EU


simply follow the directions on the tin.

Step One:
Lightly brush off any dirt, mud, dust etc. 
If necessary use a cold damp cloth to wipe down the jacket.

Step Two:
Warm your tin of reproofing wax so that is manageable and easy to apply.

Step Three:
Evenly apply wax with a lint-free cloth, paying special attention to the seams. 

Step Four & Five:
Use a hairdryer to blow over the jacket – this will ensure the even spread of wax.
If necessary, re-rub the wax in a circular motion to further even out the wax for a smoother finish.

Step Six:
Allow to dry in a dry, well ventilated area for around 24 hours.

So Waxed Cottons are fairly simple to look after.

And remember, look after your waxed cotton and it will look after you!