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Pampeano Azules Leather Dog Lead

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Azules Leather Dog Lead by Pampeano 

Celebrate the Andes mountains with the blue reflecting the skies and waters of Argentina and all their potential for discovery and adventure with Pampeano’s luxury Azules dog lead

Sky Blue, Blue Navy, and the rich chocolate leather come together to create a unique, traditional South American accessory for your canine companion

Attention to detail, design and materials are key to everything Pampeano do, and no expense has been spared here in the design. This starts with the high quality leather which is evaluated and sourced from local tanneries, by local craftsman with an understanding of what makes for the best leather and a knowledge of the local tanning industry. The end results is a buttery, rich leather. This makes for the perfect marriage between both comfort and beauty, appreciable to both dog and owner. This raw product is well suited to the finished collars which are woven with pampa diamonds, inspired by the Andes, using naturally dyed threads. To ensure a long lasting quality product these threads are also waxed, making them extra hard wearing for those long walks

This leather pampeano dog lead measures 115 cm long and is available in two widths –Skinny for the smaller breeds wearing a Pampeano collar up to a size small (45cm) and standard widths for the medium and larger breeds wearing a Pampeano collar up to a size XL (60cm)

Try and keep your dog lead dry. If it does get wet, just blot with a towel as soon as possible and let it air dry 

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