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Sporting Hares Beauchamp Blazer | Deep Violet

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Beauchamp Ladies Blazer by Sporting Hares

Turn up the colour! Forget about Ten, the Beauchamp in Deep Violet goes all the way to Eleven!

Join the countrysides' jeunesse doréeStand out from the crowd with the famous, or should that be infamous, Sporting Hares Beauchamp Blazer - the Enfant Terrible of British Country Clothing

A luxurious wool-blend outer with a premium taffeta-silk lining, the Beauchamp champions the British countryside lifestyle with real opening cuffs, fitted design and a unique velvet under-collar in the Sporting Hares brand colours.

Each Beauchamp has been designed and produced by hand and independently inspected for the highest level of quality assurance.

A stunning design born from a demand for performance both on and off the field by those who demand and rely on nothing but the very highest in quality.

​The Beauchamp Blazer in Deep Violet, strikingly unorthodox, innovative, and stylish stands out from the madding crowd

- Luxurious Wool-blend
- Taffeta-silk Lining
- Real Opening Cuffs
- Wooden Buttons
- Tailored Fit

Sizes 8 - 16

Colour; Deep Violet

The pattern of the boxing hares on each blazer is randomised with no two Beauchamps ever producing the same result. 

SH's have also added real opening cuffs to give the choice of  a semi-formal sleeve or a freedom-of-movement sleeve - essential in sporting situations.

Finally, a rear-buckle is the last touch to the Beauchamp to give a timeless look to an item that will be appreciated as an investment rather than a purchase.

To clean, we only ever recommend a dry-clean or a warm hand-wash. You can iron your blazer on a high heat, taking care to avoid the velvet under-collar and the silk lining. Dry and store horizontally if possible to prevent the wool from stretching. Spare wooden buttons are available free of charge from Sporting Hares.