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Target Dry Outrider 2 Three Quarter Length Waterproof Coat

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Outrider II 3/4 Length Rain Coat by Target Dry

Discontinued - Very Limited Stock Remaining. 

A stylish waterproof mid length woman's caped coat by Target Dry, ideal for both town and country wear.

Target Dry's classic three quarter length coat - this version is known as the Outrider 2

Outer waterproof (to 500ml in test) and windproof. Polyester cotton fabric outer with waterproof backing layer beneath and taped seams to prevent leakage.

Attractive rich tweed lining for extra warmth.
Adjustable back walking vent.
Two deep front pockets.

Detachable Lined Hood included.

Ideal for a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including riding and dog walking.

The lining for all outer colours is the Target Dry signature Ladies check - see left

Five Great Colours -



This is the Outrider in it's Mark Two version
- new and improved it builds upon the experience gained from Target Dry's many years as a waterproof coat manufacturer.

With thousands of satisfied customers, and a wealth of feedback, Target Dry have invested their efforts in further product development. As part of a substantial redesign they have improved the fit and tweaked the shape, leading to a less bulky, more feminine outline - all without sacrificing the comfortable fit the original Outrider coat was famous for.
And there's lots of other small improvements too...

The press studs are snappier

The zip is easier to use

The sleeves are less bulky, and the cuff adjusters are more effective and more appealing to the eye

Sizing Tip Chest:
when laid flat and measured across the front at chest level ,
the size 8 measures 53cm / 20.5 inches,
the size 10 measures 54cm / 21.2 inches,
the size 12 measures 56.5 / 22.25 inches,
the 14 measures 59 cm / 23 inches,
the 16 measures 62 cm / 24.3 inches,
the 18 measures 65 cm / 25.5 inches,
the 20 measures 68 cm / 26.5 inches,
and the 22 measures 71cm / 27.8 inches.

The waist measurement is 2 cm smaller than the relevant chest measurement,

The hip measurement is 6 cm greater than the relevant chest measurement,

The bottom hem measurement is 2 cm greater than the relevant hip measurement

Try comparing these measurements to a jacket that fits you.

Sizing Tip Length:
the length of the Outrider varies with the size,
so the size 8 measures 89 cm / 35 inches from base of collar to bottom hem,
the size 10 is 91 cm / 35.5 inches,
the size 12 is 93 cm / 36.5 inches,
the size 14 is 95 cm / 37.2 inches,
the size 16 is 97 cm / 38 inches,
while the size 18 is 99 cm / 39 inches,
the size 20 is 101 cm / 39.5 inches,
and the size 22 is 103 cm / 40.5 inches

The Outrider II fabric has a highly waterproof 5000mm resistance level, and is 100% windproof - so no wind will penetrate the fabric, cutting the wind chill factor significantly, making sure you stay warm as well as dry

The one big difference between the Outrider II and earlier styles is the new shaped shoulder cape
- it's there to let the rain spill off the coat without running all the way down the body
- on the new version the cape is rounded to hug the shoulders without standing proud, and is studded down at the back to stop it blowing up over your head, everybody has found this to be a great improvement!
It seems simple - but this care and thoughtful design is typical of, and unique to the Target Dry design team.