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Company of Animals has been creating and designing innovative dog products for over 40 years.

Their designs not only offer comfort to dogs, but also make their owners' lives easier. From easy walking harnesses to training products, the Company of Animals have made sure that both pet and pet parent enjoy the experience with their unique designs. 

The Company of Animals use only high quality materials in the making of their products so that they are durable and long lasting - which makes them great value for money. They ensure all safety regulations are met as well, so you can feel confident that your pet is safe while wearing or using any product from the company. 

For pet owners seeking to enrich the lives of their four-legged friends, The Company of Animals has been a trusted partner in providing quality products to do just that. Their product range includes multi-clicker, treat bag, whizzclick, dog whistle, pet protector, dumbbell and handsfree; each one designed to provide playtime stimulation and interaction for dogs as well as convenience and ease of use for the owner. 

The multi-clicker is an excellent tool for training your pet as it encourages good behaviour through positive reinforcement while also helping your furry friend learn basic commands. The treat bag is ideal for rewarding your pup after completing tasks or tricks successfully; its adjustable strap allows it to be carried comfortably over the shoulder or around the waist.

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