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Never get caught out in the rain again with a fantastic waterproof cap or hat from our great collection.

From spring showers to winter snowfall, waterproof hats are essential year-round for protecting against the elements during outdoor activities in the British countryside.

With beautiful designs from stylish outdoor brands such as Didriksons, and practical, impeccable features from hunting brands like Deerhunter, choose from our extensive range of bucket hats, hunting hats, waterproof tweed caps, Sou'westers, and more.

This collection of wet weather rain hats offers a variety of styles and options to suit all kinds of looks and preferences. Whether you would like a fleece lining to keep your head warm, your rain hat needs to have a wide brim, or you just love a bright colour, there's a waterproof cap for everyone. They are easy to style with your favourite waterproof jackets and are essential headwear to have by your front door.

You might be a dog walker needing to get to the park with your pup, or a shooter heading out to the field. Perhaps a sailor or fisherman protecting themselves out at sea, or an avid traveller stocking up their backpack for their next adventure. Whatever outdoor activities you enjoy, make sure you have a top quality waterproof hat ready to pop on for whenever the rain clouds descend!

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