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Explore our great selection of care and cleaning products to find the perfect solution for maintaining your favourite country wear.

Country clothing is built for rural life, and rural life likes to give as good as it gets! Challenging and changeable weather conditions, mud and muck in yards and fields, and lots of fun and active outdoor adventures mean that your garments and footwear sometimes can need a little TLC. Luckily, our huge range of care products is designed to make this cleaning process simple.

Whether you're tackling stubborn dirt on your farm boots, wanting a refresh on your trusty wax jacket, or perhaps ensuring safety out in the field by maintaining your shotgun, we've got everything you need in our collection. There are leather creams and cleaning gels for your footwear, alongside waxed cotton care dressings and waterproofing sprays for garments, plus full gun cleaning kits and accessories. We have a wide variety of brands and products to suit all types of country wear. 

If you love your country sports, you'll appreciate the benefits of a smart appearance. Shooters like to respect tradition and heritage by looking polished and professional out in the field, and this is made easier with the cleaning sprays and creams in our selection. The same goes for those who work on the land, and those who just enjoy fresh-looking, well-maintained clothing and footwear as they explore everything in the British countryside.

Benefit from carefully constructed and thoughtfully designed care products from some of the biggest brands in the country clothing industry.

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