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Doff your hat to British country fashion of old with a newsboy cap!

The ostentatious sibling of the flat cap, this hat has been known interchangeably as a bakerboy, cabbie cap, peaky blinder or Great Gatsby. Whatever you call it, it’s an enduring feature of modern outdoor style and we stock a whole host of colours and designs for both men and women. 

Almost universal during the 1910s and 20s, and beloved of gangsters and costermongers, farmers and playboy princes, the newsboy cap would not have been expected to be the height of fashion a century later. But you can't keep a good hat down! Both authentic and stylish, as well as practical in the winter, it’s become an item whose appeal no well-dressed man or woman can fail to appreciate.

Traditionally made from wool, these eight-piece newsboy caps come in a range of finishes. Go for Harris tweed, hand woven from pure virgin wool by islanders from the Outer Hebrides, and available in a selection of different colours. For an authentic country look, instead choose a newsboy in more traditional flat cap colours; an eight-panel in earthy greens and dusty browns makes a fine alternative piece of country headwear.

If you’re after a more modern take on this utterly traditional trend, go for a paperboy hat with extra tweed in the body for a fuller, baggier shape and with a larger, more curved peak. You’ll find this style in herringbone tweed in an array of colours or made from tweed overlaid with traditional tartan, both of which will ensure an even more striking look.

The beauty of these accessories is that they work with practically any outfit. Combine with a traditional wax jacket or tweed jacket, throw on a gilet or pair with smart jeans; it’s a versatile choice of headwear for dressing up or down as you wish!

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