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With their combination of effective camouflage and functional design, camo trousers are an essential piece of clothing for anyone who participates in field sports like shooting and hunting.

These specialised trousers are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, providing the wearer with an additional advantage when it comes to staying hidden and undetected. The camo pattern helps the trousers to mimic the surroundings, whether it be dense foliage or open fields, allowing the hunter or shooter to go unnoticed by their prey.

In addition to their concealment capabilities, they are typically made from durable and lightweight materials, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement during long hours of wear in the field. Many of these trousers feature multiple deep pockets, providing convenient storage space for small essentials such as hunting or shooting accessories.

Our selection of camo trousers comes from top hunting brands like Deerhunter and Jack Pyke, and are easily paired with matching camo jackets

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