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About Us - The Story of Holland's Country Clothing

 Mark Holland Country clothing professional at hollands country clothing

Hi, Mark Holland here.

I’m the chap responsible for running Holland’s Country Clothing. 

And for my sins I have been chosen to write a few lines for our “about us” page. 

I must admit I felt rather uncomfortable reading some of the gushing "about us" pages I looked at before starting this task. 

Fairly soon I realised I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling you how “fantastic” we are, how much we “love the country side” (presumably even after it’s rained for ten days solid), and generally how “incredibly passionate” we are about online retailing. 

I can only imagine you feel pretty uncomfortable reading that sort of stuff too. 

So instead, I decided to tell a simple story, stick to the facts , and leave out the hype. 

And so, to begin at the beginning…

Our business was started by my father Malcolm Holland, a fourth generation farmer at Disley Hall Farm somewhere around 1978, when he decided he might be able to supplement the income from selling hay at Chelford Agricultural centre by selling a few pairs of wellingtons. 

Overalls and wax coats followed, things went from strength to strength via a few detours (notably the purchase of a job lot of army surplus shirts – which turned out to be skirts – always take your reading glasses to an auction!). 

Until eventually the farm clothing sales eclipsed the income from the actual farming.

Which is where I join the story, bringing lots of new ideas (not always fully appreciated) and lots of hard work (not always fully acknowledged). 

One of the better new ideas came later around the time of the first foot and Mouth outbreak, when all the Agricultural Marts were closed. 

I started to think wouldn’t it be great to have an online shop.

And so was born.

Now every year the business gets bigger and bigger. But we remain a family run business and intend to remain so.

If I had to sum Holland’s Country Clothing up in just a few words, I’d say, we like to do a good job, which keeps you, our customers happy, which, of course, in turn keeps us happy. 

How do we do that? 

I like to think we do it by keeping things simple, with a straightforward, not too fancy website, selling straightforward, not too fancy brands. 

We offer value for money products and good service.

And that’s about it.

Thank you for bearing with me. 

Have a good time shopping with us!

My very best regards
Mark Holland