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Rifle slings & swivels are a great way to improve the accuracy and comfort of your firearm.

If you're looking to upgrade your shooting experience, investing in a quality sling is key. Not only do they provide extra support and stability while aiming, but they also help to distribute weight evenly across your body. They come in several different styles depending on preference and activity level, and our range of slings holds great choices from top brands like Jack Pyke and Bisley.

Swivels are another important component when it comes to improving shooting accuracy with a rifle. Made with durable materials, these accessories are the attachment points that connect the sling to the rifle. They allow for smooth rotation and movement, enabling quick and easy access to your firearm when needed.

Whether you're a hunter, competitive shooter, or just an enthusiastic beginner, having the right rifle sling and swivel can make all the difference. These shooting accessories are a must for convenience, comfort, and safety whilst shooting

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