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Farmers gilets and waistcoats are essential pieces of clothing for those working in agricultural settings or outdoor environments.

Designed with practicality and functionality in mind, these versatile garments offer a range of benefits to farmers and workers in the field. Providing warmth and offering a range of useful features, these gilets are designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, ensuring their comfort, convenience, and safety in demanding work settings.

A fleece gilet is a fantastic extra layer under your farmers jacket for the cold season, but also works great on its own when farming in milder temperatures. Farmers always love a waxed gilet or tweed gilet for traditional country style, and padded gilets are a great farmers gilet due to the insulation they give. The good thing about these garments is that they are versatile - taking from the fields to the yards, the stables, and even into the office. 

Your range of farm clothing is not complete with one of these gilets or waistcoats. Available in a selection of classic colours and offering next-level comfort, these garments are perfect for everyday life on the farm. 

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