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    Men's Shooting Jackets at Holland's Country Clothing

    Perform at the top of your game with our shooting jackets, designed specifically for all aspects of hunting, including clay pigeon shooting and related country sports. Engineered from contemporary hardwearing and waterproof fabrics and with exceptional functionality, these shooting coats are guaranteed to become your new favourite piece of kit. 


    Shooting jackets for reliable performance in the great outdoors

    Style and functionality come together in our range of shooting jackets, which span both traditional and more contemporary designs. Our most traditional choices include tweed shooting jackets, which follow centuries-old styling now backed with modern waterproof membranes for reliable dryness and quilted for warmth. Stylish and highly practical, they’re an example of classic country shooting clothing. 

    Featuring cutting-edge details, including radio pockets, magnetic pocket closers and waterproof zips, our high-tech hunting style jackets are a more modern take on this traditional coat. With ergonomic design and highly breathable waterproof fabrics, including lightweight GORE-TEX and other durable waterproof synthetic materials, these promise high levels of comfort and quality. Many are also built to avoid that tell-tale rustle when you move, helping to keep you as quiet as possible when you’re on the approach. 

    For winter shoots, thermal padding and quilt linings provide an extra layer of warmth, with hand warmer pockets and adjustable cuffs and hems to keep the worst of the weather out. 

    What should you look for in a new shooting jacket?

    A specialist shooting jacket is engineered to match the demands of the hunt. One of the most important differences between a standard jacket and a hunting or field jacket is the cut. Designed to fit generously, shooting jackets offer a high degree of movement in the shoulders and upper body - essential requirements when you need to be able to move around quickly and with ease. 

    Large front pockets also feature in many styles. Built to accommodate cartridges, they often have a retaining strap to allow for easy access. 

    We stock shooting apparel from all the leading country clothing brands, including Deerhunter, Alan Paine, Musto and Bronte, in sizes ranging from small through to XXXXL. 

    74 products
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