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Dog dummies have become a popular training tool among dog owners and trainers alike.

These dog accessories from brands such as Bisley are an excellent way to teach pups retrieving skills, obedience commands, and even develop their hunting instincts. Made from durable materials and with easy to grip handles, these dummies are easy to spot and are a great aid for both outdoor and indoor training sessions.

Alongside being vital dog training equipment, these items also offer a wide range of benefits for dogs and their owners. Using these training dummies can help redirect a dog's natural prey drive in a controlled manner, providing an outlet for their energy and instinctual behaviours, thereby helping to prevent destructive chewing or chasing behaviours. 

Plus, dummies can improve a dog's focus, concentration, and impulse control as they learn to wait for commands before retrieval. This can be particularly useful for working dogs, hunting breeds, or active dogs who require mental and physical stimulation. 

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