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Ariat - Footwear Care

Ariat Boot Care

So, you have just bought a pair of Ariats. Created with every attention to detail considered Ariat boots are not only stylish and practical but comfortable and uncompromised.

The durability and quality of these boots are matched with the atheistically pleasing designs, making them a boot you never want to take off your feet.

But occasionally you will have to! After a long day in the field our boots will need a spruce up. Mud, manure, dust and even sea water – especially sea spray if you have been galloping across the sand taking in the last of an afternoon’s warmth – will have all ingrained itself upon your boots and if not cleaned off will have a lasting derogative impact on the quality leather grain used in the manufacturer of the item.

The first thing to do is RINSE them off in clean fresh water to get rid of the bulk of any muck. When much of the grime has been removed it will be easier to see how dirty your boots have become.

If you find your boots are marked or stained take a soft bristle brush and spray on a little of Ariats Footwear Cleaner. On a more stubborn stain use a damp cloth. Spray some more of the fabric cleaner onto the stain and rub in a circular motion increasing the scrub as needed. Finish of by giving the boots an all over brush to loosen and remove any excess dirt.

Once you are satisfied that the dirt has been removed and the boots are stain free, rewash in fresh clean water. By now your boots will probably be very wet. Stuff the inside of the boots with absorbent tissue paper or newspaper and leave to dry at room temperature away from a direct heat source. This will ensure that the leather does not take in the rise in temperature to quickly which can have an adverse effect on the leather which needs to retain its suppleness.

Leather making has been practiced for over 7000 years. The earliest record of a leather artifact was in 2200 BCE.

Although Leather can be perceived as an unethical product 99% of the raw hide used comes from animals that have been raised for meat and/or dairy.

Full grain leather if fully cared for will very rarely wear out but instead will develop a patina and is considered the highest quality of leather.

Once our boots are thoroughly dry it is important that we condition the leather. Almost like feeding it. Ariats Leather Cream Polish in neutral will renew the colour and condition and cover any scuffs. Apply liberally with a soft cloth in small circular motions making sure the entire boot has soaked up this rich cleaner. Once it has penetrated the boot all over, get your clean, soft brush and buff up until they shine.

 Ariat Boot Polish

Now that we have rinsed and cleaned and buffed our boots back into shape we need to finish of with a waterproof spray. Ariat's Footwear waterproofing spray is just the job, it offers an effective water repellent finish and is safe to use on most footwear products.

 Ariat Leather Waterproofer

Making this a routine will ensure that your Ariats will not compromise your style even when your mucking out!

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