When your own Breath is all, you can Hear


The 1920’s is often referred to as the Roaring 20’s. A time of great economic prosperity for Europe and the USA it gave rise to an emphasis on social, artistic, and cultural influencers.

The period saw large scale development in the use of transport, telephones, films, radio, and electrical appliances. Aviation was in its infancy but growing rapidly. Consumer demand was rising fast and spurring economic and industrial growth to literally reach heights greater than ever.

We have all seen the famous picture of the workers on the beam hanging from the Rockefeller centre:

Building the Rockefeller Centre

Well in the 1920’s this was exactly how skyscrapers were being built! Chicago and New York were in competition to build the tallest building, with New York’s Empire State eventually winning out.

All these new constructions needed a workforce and people flocked to the cities to reap the benefits of high employment and entrepreneurial ambitions.

A hundred years ago workwear was mainly made of cotton and had to last a long time and be substantial enough to cope with the stresses and strains of a day of hard graft.

Carl J. Engel Senior saw a niche in the market to supply clothing that would be more robust and more specifically designed to meet the challenges of working life.

In 1927 F. Engel was founded in Harderslev, Denmark and set up to make Denim workwear using Bull Denim. This hardwearing fabric is a 100% cotton twill weave. It is constructed using a 3 x 1 weave and is soft yet durable.

Workwear of the Past

It is used in many ways and is great for upholstery, aprons, jackets, or pants. Carl J. Engel used it for workwear.

The company is now owned and still run by the 3rd and 4th generations of Engels and shipped worldwide. As with most companies who have survived for nearly a 100 years’ time has taken them with it and as time has moved forward so has the company.

Lars and Carl Engel

Striving forward with your business can be consuming and to relieve the stresses and strains most people look for some form of release. For the Engel family this is hunting.

This age-old sport has been a long-held passion of the family coming down through the generations until in 1985 passion and business were combined and a new brand was born. Deerhunter.

Functional and promethean, the clothing that lives within the Deerhunter branding is climate, durable and functionality tested to ensure it is the right brand for hunters and anglers as well as anyone looking for hunting leisurewear.

In 2009 Deerhunter was granted a Royal Warrant as a purveyor of the Royal Danish Court, a seal on a passion for creating products that enhance the wearers enjoyment of his or hers chosen pursuit.

With nearly 100 years of technological growth behind them you can ensure that when you are buying a Deerhunter item you are buying into a traditional heritage for a love of the wilderness of the outdoors from forest groves to sparse moorland when your own breath is the only sound you can hear.

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