Musto Clothing Care Guide

How to Care for your Musto Clothing

The whole ethos of Musto is clothing perfection. The innovation, the technology, the design, everything is about making the best quality clothing to do what it is being asked.

For Musto there is no such thing as bad weather if you are wearing the right clothes.

Musto guarantee their clothing because they are that confident that with the right care and attention the garment will last you a lifetime, however long that lifetime is.

All Musto items are made with a variety of fabrics and materials. They give you freedom of movement, breathability, wind proofing, waterproofing and warmth. As such they each need their own bit of individual care.

This is only for general guidance and it always best to check the label for the right instructions.

Only wash your garments when it becomes necessary, frequent washing can damage the technologies incorporated in the fabrics.

Before washing remove any detachable accessories, close all the fasteners, and only wash with similar coloured clothing.

Never use biological detergents as these would be detrimental to the clothing fabric.

Only use Non biological detergents.

Never use fabric softener as this can harm the breathability and moisture management of your garments.

Make sure you check your detergents do not have fabric softener incorporated.

Do NOT use bleaching agents and make sure your detergents do not have a bleaching agent within them.

For Drying instructions please see your individual garment label, as all instructions are specific to the item.

DO not iron on prints, badges, reflectors, or embroidery and follow the instructions on the garment label.

Garments such as BR1, BR2, HPX, MPX and GORE-TEX have a durable water repellent (DWR). Salt, dirt, wear and tear or repeated washing can lead to this treatment wearing off leaving the clothing less durable. Retreating your garment can be done but we recommend only doing this when it is necessary, and it feels like your coat is leaking.

To test if your coat needs reproofing pour some water from a cup onto the sleeve. If it beads and rolls away your coat is fine and does not need treating.

If your garment label allows you to tumble dry your item, then do this on a low heat which will reactivate the DWR.

If your garment label allows it, place a towel over the garment and iron on a low heat, without steam, and this will reactivate the DWR.

Down/feather filled clothing needs referring to the garment label.

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