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With shooting season beginning when temperatures can still be quite warm, the choice of what to wear on those earlier shoots often falls to something lightweight, comfortable, and breathable.

The smock has battled its way back into a front runner for all things shooting over the last few years, and this is largely due to the freedom of movement it offers the wearer. It's a great alternative outer layer to a traditional shooting jacket.

But, when you think of smocks, you often think of something quite bulky and heavyweight, and this can sometimes put you off from choosing one as part of your shooting apparel, particularly in the milder months.

However, smocks are as much for the warmer months as they are for the winter, if you know what to look for. Hollands has a fantastic range of smocks that feature lightweight options, making them perfect for an active hunt in those higher temperatures.

So, if you already love this versatile garment, or you're tempted to be in the market for one, then let us shoot the shot of the smock, and bring you up to speed on the best lightweight choices for the early season. 

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