Product Review | Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoe

Product Review | Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoe

Product Review | Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoe

Deck shoes were once quite the status symbol in the boating world, for it was considered that, if you were wearing deck shoes, your boat must be big enough to have a deck to walk around on. 

This was just the beginning of the humble deck shoe, which have seen a rise over the past couple of years. They are once again a desirable piece of footwear, and there are many styles to choose from. 

Here, we take a look at the Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoe, which has gained popularity amongst women looking for a versatile and fashionable shoe for the summer season. 

We take a look at its design, comfort level, and key features that make it what it is. So, let's step into these shoes and see if they are worth walking around in. 


What Makes a Great Deck Shoe?

Although deck shoes were originally designed for boat life, they have gained widespread popularity due to their ability to fit into everyday life. 

There are some key characteristics to what classes a deck shoe as being great:

  • Slip-resistant soles - as they were made for use on the deck of a boat, it's important that the non-marking soles are sturdy and won't have you falling on your feet!
  • Water-resistant construction - it's likely that these shoes will come into contact with water, so they should have some level of waterproofing to keep your feet dry 
  • Breathable materials - these shoes are usually worn during warm weather, and for long periods of time, so they need to be made with breathable materials
  • Comfortable fit - the best boat shoes will be solid in their construction but this does not mean they will be hard in fit or feel. The suppleness of using the best quality leather will make these shoes a comfortable wear
  • Durable construction - these shoes need to be made to withstand everyday use and to be able to hold their own over time. This is done through the use of quality materials and a solid construction that closely follows the true moccasin fit
  • Versatility - a good boat shoe should be able to worn around for lots of different occasions across the summer months. It should also have a classic enough design to be easily matched with the multiple outfit options
  • Brand reputation - if the brand making the boat shoes is known for their quality footwear, you can be confident in their construction of a pretty good shoe. 

If you're interested in learning more about all things deck shoes, check out our ultimate guide blog post


When Would You Usually Wear Deck Shoes?

Woman Wearing Ariat Deck Shoes

With the versatility, robustness, and modern looking design of these shoes, they can be worn almost anywhere, such as for:

  • Spring & Summer Walks
  • Sailing & Yachting
  • Shopping & Coffee Mornings 
  • Holidays & Beach Vacations.

The flexibility in the design means that you can dress them up or down according to the occasion or simply what you want to wear that day! The great thing about deck shoes is that they are easy to style - whether that's with dresses, shorts, jeans, or leggings. 


Key Features of Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoes

Ariat Antigua Boat Shoe

These shoes are remarkably comfortable, water resistant, and great looking and they also come in a choice of four colours.

Further key features include:

  • Leather nubuck upper
  • 100% gum rubber outsole
  • Durable welt stitching
  • Traditional boat shoe silhouette
  • Extremely breathable fabric.


Pros and Cons of Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoes

These shoes have been making waves recently, and for good reason. There are many advantages to this particular pair of deck shoes.


  • Easy to Wear - this attractive country inspired shoe provides the performance and style for all of life's adventures
  • Slip On, Slip Off - no buckles or zips to fasten, which makes them a perfect option for everyday wear
  • Sturdy Soles - 100% nice gum rubber outsole is incredibly resilient and slip resistant meaning you would be protected if the ground is wet
  • Breathable - these shoes will absorb and release sweat and water droplets. This also stops your feet getting too hot, which is great when you're wearing them in the red hot heat of summer
  • Durable - the use of the nubuck leather upper helps to length the life of the footwear, and its impressive construction makes you feel confident that you will get good use out of these shoes.
  • Well Designed - the choice of colours allows you to pick one that suits your personal taste, plus the stunning designs are typical of Ariat, who prioritise style throughout all their footwear
  • Exceptional Comfort - the soft leather is easy to slip your feet into and they are great for all day wear.

However, there are a few points worth noting. 


  • Leather Maintenance - as with all leather products, it's important to take care of the material and attend to it every so often. This can include using a leather conditioner and just making sure you have a regular cleaning process in place
  • Seasonal - these are a more weather dependant shoe and are best worn during Spring, Summer and Autumn. 


Are the Ariat Womens Antigua Boat Shoes Right for You?

Ariat Antigua Boat Shoes Worn Outside

Every wardrobe should have a pair of boat shoes, and you won’t go far wrong with the Ariat Women's Antigua Boat Shoes.

Although we tend to associate Ariat more with Yee Haas than yachts, we shouldn't associate boat shoes only with boats. These flexible feet friends are one of the best items you can have in your shoe box.

It's difficult to find the perfect pair of boat shoes. You want something that is both fashionable and comfortable, but many designs just don't tick both boxes. Luckily, the Antiguas can be said to do so. Their features and benefits showcase typical Ariat quality, whilst still being true to the heritage of the deck shoe itself. 

So, if you're either looking to jump into the world of classic deck shoes, or perhaps you're wanting to replace an old pair, the Antiguas are a great place to start. 


Alternative Deck Shoes

The resurgence of the incredible boat shoe has seen their popularity soar, and now there are plenty of choices for you to decide from.

Alongside these fantastic Ariat shoes, you can also check out other deck shoes, such as:

As time has moved on so have boat shoes, and they now come in a range of colours and upper and sole materials. 

Slightly alternative looking deck shoes are:

Whichever pair of shoes become your new favourite, it's pretty definite that you won't regret having such a versatile piece of footwear to slip on. 



You can’t beat having a pair of boat shoes, and the softness and quality of workmanship in the Ariat Womens Antigua Boat shoe makes these one of the very best.

They are truly comfort without compromise, and they would be a welcome addition to your summer wardrobe. 

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