Product Review | Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

Product Review | Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

Product Review | Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

Kensington is one of the most exclusive, sophisticated, and sought after districts to live in in the UK. With its Regal connections, World-Class museums, Royal Parks, and the iconic Royal Albert Hall, it attracts affluent people from all over the world.

Like its namesake, the Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat also exudes sophistication and you also wouldn’t look out of place wandering along to the Natural History Museum in a coat like this.

The feminine fit of this coat oozes style and it is one of the highlights in not only the Baleno collection, but the full ladies waterproof coats range. The Kensington is one of our best-selling waterproof jackets and we wanted to delve further into why. 


What Makes a Great Ladies Waterproof Coat

A good coat is an essential part of a daily wardrobe; particularly for those often faced with unpredictable weather conditions, like here in the UK!

There are certain features which take a coat up from being a casual jacket to being something that can be relied upon to keep you dry. The main characteristics to look for are:

  • Weather Protection - waterproof is a must but can be confused with water resistant. If something is waterproof it means it is impervious to water, whereas water-resistant means it's able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. There's also such a thing as water-repellent, which tends to mean the item has been treated with a water-resistant coating
  • Taped Seams - these stop water penetrating through the most vulnerable parts of your coat, adding to the waterproof protection
  • Hood - preferably detachable and adjustable. Carrying an umbrella can become a nuisance, handbags aren’t designed for your brolly to fit, pockets aren’t deep enough and what do you do with it when it's been opened in the rain and the rain stops but your umbrella is still dripping? Ditch the brolly, get a hood! All great ladies waterproofs should have a hood
  • Flattering & Comfortable Fit - the perfect coat should fit well and be easy to style with the rest of your wardrobe. It shouldn't be too baggy, yet allow for layering if necessary, and also be a comfortable layer that you will enjoy wearing 
  • Multiple Pockets - including internal pockets, which allow for safe storage of valuables. Having a good amount of pockets on your coat just makes life that little bit easier, particularly for outdoor activities
  • Breathability - coats, like the Kensington, are often worn as part of an active lifestyle, so it's great for a womens long waterproof coat to be crafted with breathable fabrics so you can wear them comfortably for extended periods of time
  • Versatility - you should be able to wear your coat on multiple occasions, from dog walking to shopping in town. A great coat also is easy to match with other items in your wardrobe
  • Durability - of course, you want it to last. The materials used and the construction of the coat should lend itself to a coat that is going to be with you for as long as it can be
  • Brand Reputation - look for coats from specialist outdoor brands, like Baleno. They usually have the technical know-how and rich history to understand what it means to create a womens long waterproof coat. 


Types of Baleno Coats for Women

Woman Wearing Baleno Kensington Coat

Alongside the popular Kensington, Baleno do a wide range of other waterproof jackets and coats that are all created with premium materials and provide superior performance. 

There is the Chelsea, which is the 3/4 length of the Kensington, and is great for shorter women or those who just prefer this style. Both these coats are known as four-season coats due to their ability to see you throughout the entire year. 

As the seasons change, you can still wear your versatile Baleno Kensington or Baleno Chelsea in comfort, but you can utilise the Baleno Interchangeable Lining System to zip one of their fantastic fleece jackets or gilets into your coat. Perfect for those particularly chilly mornings in British weather. 

Then, when the milder months come, you also have yourself a great fleece outer layer that can be worn as a stand-alone piece. 

Baleno also does a selection of diamond quilted garments in luxurious soft touch, two tone fabric, with smart faux nubuck leather trims and collar detailing. Their versatile garments are great choices for a woman's wardrobe.


When Would You Wear the Baleno Kensington?

Although primarily billed as a riding coat, the Kensington can be worn for pretty much most countryside activities, as well as being a coat for town shopping and coffee mornings. 

From the city streets of London to the back lanes of the peaks and dales, the elegant Baleno Kensington will make you feel like Royalty wherever you go.

It can be worn for the following occasions:

  • Horse Riding
  • Dog Walking
  • Country Fairs & Shows
  • Weekend Family Walks
  • Village Fetes & School Events
  • Shopping Around Town.


Key Features of the Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

This coat has many features worth boasting about. 

The key ones to note are:

  • Waterproof, windproof, & breathable
  • Detachable Hood
  • Machine Washable
  • Taped Seams
  • Interchangeable Lining System (I.L.S)
  • Two-Way YKK Zip with Studded Storm Cover
  • Inside Zipped Pocket
  • Large Gusset at Back Bellow.


Pros and Cons of the Baleno Kensington Long Waterproof Coat

The Baleno Kensington is a versatile and functional outerwear option that comes with its own set of pros and cons.

On the positive side, it has many advantages that are worth noting.  


  • Durable - this coat is made with durable fabrics that ensure a long-lasting and reliable coat
  • Practical Weather Protection - with great waterproof fabric construction, you can be confident when heading out the door into the rainy skies 
  • Adjustable Fit - the detachable hood and adjustable cuffs creates a more custom fit for the wearer
  • Exceptional Comfort - underarm ventilation and breathability makes for a coat that you will want to put on in the morning
  • Smart Appearance - the thoughtful features included by Baleno showcase why they are one of the best for ladies waterproof coats. They have included the quality YKK zip, but added a studded storm to both protect and create a more aesthetically pleasing garment
  • Functional Design Features - not only does the coat have handy pockets, it also has a back gusset panel that is great for riding
  • Versatile - the coat has many uses, and its versatility is exemplified through the addition of the Interchangeable Lining System that allows for it to be easily layered up. 

On the other hand, you should consider the following points. 


  • It does sit at a relatively high price point within the womens long waterproof coat range, so this initial outlay may not suit those who are shopping on a budget
  • Due to the ILS, it can be difficult to know which size to go for, as you may want to consider those additional layers. Follow the size guide and remember we always offer an exchange service if the first fit isn't quite right. 


Is this Long Waterproof Coat Right for You?

Investing in a decent long coat will ensure whatever the weather it shouldn’t dampen your spirits.

Spring often brings milder weather, whilst summer can bring scorchers but also days when you need a gilet or fleece to take the chill off. Autumn brings the showers and the cooler evenings, before winter comes around again with the cold getting into your bones.

If you want a coat to work alongside you all year round, then the Baleno Kensington can do that. The interactive ILS gives you the flexibility to move through the seasons unhindered by the weather. Wear the fleece gilet in the Spring as a one piece, the fleece jacket in the Summer, then the coat and fleeces in the colder months.

It may be a slightly expensive choice, but its features and advantages outweigh any potential concerns over that initial cost.


Alternative Womens Long Waterproof Coats

3 Alternative Ladies Waterproof Coats

If you are still wondering whether the Kensington is right for you, then why not take a look at some of the other options in our selection of ladies waterproof coats.

For similar designs, we suggest steering towards:

If you're looking for something a little less country lifestyle and a bit more active outdoorsy, then Didriksons and Lighthouse are always worth checking out. 



With four colours to choose from, options to zip in fleeces and layer up, wear for multiple occasions with tall boots or short boots, it's easy to see why this Baleno garment is a popular coat choice. It's also worth noting it comes in a men's version - the Livingstone

Go to the city or the stables. Go in the wind and rain or the morning sun. Wherever you go, however you go, go in your new Kensington.

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