Product Review | Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Product Review | Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Product Review | Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Hoggs of Fife is a well-known brand that has been delivering top-quality garments for generations. 

The Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt is one of their most popular products; not just in their shirt range, but throughout their entire collection. 

Quintessentially British, the Inverness oozes farming class and sophistication; making the wearer look like a true representative of the English Landed Gentry.

This tattersall shirt certainly stands out in its field, and we wanted to take a look at why this classic item has become a countryman's wardrobe staple. 


What Makes a Great Tattersall Shirt?

Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt in Wine Colour

A great tattersall shirt is defined by several key characteristics that ensures both style and functionality.

Here are some factors that contribute to the greatness of a tattersall shirt:

  • Distinctive Pattern - the dominant feature of these shirts is the woven check or a plaid pattern, composed of regularly-spaced thin, even vertical warp stripes, repeated horizontally in the weft it creates the iconic small squares synonymous with the Tattersall shirt
  • Quality Materials - the fabric is the foundation of a shirt. High-quality cotton contributes to a breathable, comfortable, and durable shirt that will stand the test of time 
  • Construction & Fit - look for shirts that have a tailored fit, but aren't too tight or restrictive. It should allow for ease of movement, particularly if wearing for active use like farming or shooting 
  • Attention to Detail - the devil is in the details, and a great tattersall shirt will pay attention to the little things. These include features like chest pockets, button-down collars, reinforced cuffs, and well-stitched seams. Such details add refinement and durability to the shirt
  • Versatility - a great tattersall shirt will have colours that coordinate well and complement each other, so they can be matched with other farming clothing or outdoor garments
  • Brand Reputation - if the brand is known for their shirts, or their expertise in a particular field like hunting, then they will have the expertise to create a tattersall shirt that is worth envying
  • Easy Care - the washing instructions should be simple and straightforward, plus the shirt shouldn't fade in quality or colour over time. This is also where brand reputation comes into play, as look for shirts that are known to be ones to last.


What are Tattersall Shirts Mainly Worn For?

Whether you're a Country Squire, a City Gent, or just a regular Joe, you should always have a Tattersall in your closet.

Versatile for a range of events, they should be the everyday shirt for the everyman.

Wear them for:

  • Shooting & Hunting
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking & Countryside Walks
  • Country Fetes & Shows
  • Running Errands or Lazy Weekends.


Key Features of the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Looking at the key characteristics of the Inverness shirt, it's easy to see why they are such a popular choice. 

Alongside the usual tattersall features, some of the main attributes are:

  • 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • Smart classic collar shape with non-fused woven interlining & fixed collar stiffeners
  • 16-stitches/inch construction
  • 7 pearlised Hoggs-branded buttons
  • Split yoke to shoulders
  • 2 rear pleats for a superior tailored fit
  • Extra long drop tail
  • Reinforced gusset at base of side seams
  • Breast pocket
  • Machine Washable at 40°C.


Pros and Cons of the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Close up of Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

There are many advantages to this shirt which has helped it earn its place as a quality tattersall shirt. 


  • Robust & Durable - the 16" stitch construction provides durability for a great structured shirt that lasts
  • Ease of Movement - the two rear pleats add extra aesthetics to the overall look of the shirt as well as providing comfort in some movements, plus the split yoke adds further stretchiness on the diagonal which gives more flexibility in the shoulders
  • Versatile - the colourways used for these shirts makes them easy to match with other garments. The attractive design also allows for multiple uses, as they suit both town and country 
  • Comfortable - the Inverness is a great shirt to wear due to the soft touch cotton and the construction that fits comfortably to the wearer
  • Finishing Touches - few people give buttons a second thought but like knobs on your kitchen cupboard doors, they can make a big difference to the look and style of your shirt. Seven pearlised branded buttons add a subtle touch of elegance to the Inverness
  • Brand Reputation - Hoggs of Fife shirts are dependable, well-loved, and always fantastically made. They suit the country professional and outdoor enthusiast, and the Inverness is no exception.

However, like with any shirt, it's worth paying attention to certain limitations. 


  • Careful Washing - it's important to pay attention to the washing instructions of the shirt, as it can wrinkle easily and cotton has a tendency to shrink if washed at a too high temperature
  • Lightweight Feel - this adds to the breathable and comfort of the shirt, but some may prefer a heavier shirt. 


Is the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt Right for You?

Hoggs of Fife has spent a long time perfecting their shirts, and the Inverness is a contemporary version of the tattersall that is sure to impress.

Whether you're spending the day in the farm yard, heading to the races, or nipping to town on the weekends, you will be comfortable, smart, and always look the part. 

Wear this versatile shirt with your jeans and brogues for everyday wear, or pair with a fleece gilet and work trousers as part of farming clothing that is perfect for a long day out in the field. Alternatively, it slips effortlessly into a tweed ensemble for classic country style. 

The Inverness is yet another example of the dedication and commitment Hoggs has, not just to the farming and agricultural community, but to serving everyday folk who just want a decent shirt in their wardrobe. 


Alternatives to the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt

Two Alternative Tattersall Shirts

If the Inverness isn't quite right for you, there are plenty other options in the Hoggs range. We suggest looking at the Hoggs of Fife Balmoral Luxury Tattersall Shirt as a stylish choice.

Alternatively, our fantastic range of mens shirts features great tattersall options with similar designs, such as:

    There are also choices for ladies and even kids! 

    Whichever shirt takes your fancy, the tattersall is a versatile option that quickly becomes a staple garment. 



    The Hoggs of Fife Inverness is a standout for those seeking a truly great tattersall shirt.

    Its comfortable fit, functional features, and impeccable attention to detail makes for a reliable and stylish shirt that will elevate your wardrobe. Whether you're out on the farm or just enjoying a casual Sunday afternoon walk, the Inverness is definitely worth considering as your shirt of choice. 

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