Swazi The Hood Review

Swazi The Hood Review

Our Review of The Hood from Swazi Clothing UK

Are you the kind of person who finds peace in a rugged trail, a quiet fishing spot, or amidst the comforting chaos of farm life?

If you found yourself nodding in agreement, then we'd love to introduce you to an exceptional piece of outdoor clothing: Swazi The Hood. 

You may have heard of Swazi before - it's a household name in the hunting, farming, and outdoor community, and we also have a 'get to know them' post about this fantastic brand over on our blog. The team, based in New Zealand, has been crafting high-quality gear for over 25 years and the garments are known for their durability, functionality, and innovation. 

The Hood is one of the bestsellers throughout the brand's whole collection, earning a stellar reputation as the ultimate outdoor gear. But what makes it so special?

In this review, we're going to get grips with the nitty-gritty details of this mens fleece. We'll explore the ins and outs of The Hood, learning more about how its clever design helps you battle the great outdoors.


Overview of Swazi The Hood

Packed with features and brilliantly comfortable, this isn't just a one-season wonder. It's an everyday go-to that makes your life that little bit easier.

When temperatures drop or you know you've got some graft to do outdoors, you can reach for The Hood and know you will be warm whatever the day brings.

Equipped with a fleece hood, longer back length, and a large chest pocket, practicality meets protection head on. This is a multi-functional garment that can be worn as an outer layer or a mid-layer.

Popular worldwide and for good reason, the Hood is an easy choice for the outdoorsman. 


When Would You Wear This Mens Fleece?

Built for tough tasks, leisurely pursuits, and everything in between, this fleece jacket is tailor-made for rural life. 

Wear it for:

  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Dog Walking
  • Camping
  • Hunting 
  • Everyday Use

Whether it's tending to the fields, reeling in the catch of the day, or simply enjoying a morning cup of coffee outdoors, the Hood has your back – quite literally.

Matthew Holland from Hollands Country Clothing wearing Swazi The Hood Outdoors on the Farm

Key Features of Swazi The Hood

Understanding why this piece of Swazi clothing has been so successful begins with its key features.

Here are some of the product details which highlight why this mens fleece is a must-have:

  • Fleece hood
  • High collar
  • Long zip down the front of the fleece
  • Large chest pocket
  • Snug cuffs 
  • Material Composition: 280gsm Polar Fleece
  • Weight: approx 600g
  • Breathable

As far as decent fleece garments go, it's easy to see why it has become a favourite item for many!  

Swazi the Hood in 4 different colours against a white background

Pros and Cons of Swazi The Hood

Like all outdoor clothing, the garment comes with its own set of high fives and also a few things to take into consideration.

There are plenty of qualities to write home about, and we've listed a few below here.


  1.  Practical - The well-thought-out sleeve and hood design reflects a deep understanding of what makes a fleece work in the great outdoors. Fleece pullovers don't often come with a hood, and this is highly beneficial for colder weather.
  2. Protective - Nobody likes drafts up their back on a chilly day. Swazi foresaw this and engineered The Hood with a longer back, ensuring that your core is always under wraps.
  3. Warmth - It doesn't just keep the noggin warm, as Swazi say themselves, it provides a cosy feel throughout your whole upper body. Wear worn on its own or under a waterproof jacket, it's designed to do battle with the cold for you.
  4. Durable - Swazi is known for its high-quality gear that can withstand even the toughest conditions. The Hood is no exception.
  5. Functional - With outdoor life comes the need for easy carry of tools, equipment, and personal effects, and with that comes the need for pockets. Swazi hears you on this one — The Hood features a spacious front pocket for ergonomic access.
  6. Rugged Looks - It's a no frills or fuss fleece that you won't have any trouble pairing with jackets, jeans, or boots. Easy to wear, looks great, and fits the bill for all your outdoor activities. 
  7. Versatile - Whether worn as farm clothing or as part of your everyday get-up, this fleece is ready to go, whenever you need it. 

Although there are many advantages, it's worth paying attention to the following points as you think about choosing The Hood. 


  1. Price Point - It is on the higher end of the scale for mens fleeces, but it's no secret that quality often comes at a cost. As it's something you'll probably be wearing most days, it'll be an investment piece worth spending your money on. 
  2.  Not Waterproof - This isn't necessarily unusual for this type of garment, but there are now waterproof fleeces on the market, which may suit those who work or enjoy time outdoors in more unpredictable climates.


Is This the Mens Fleece for You?

The million-dollar question!

As we've seen, there's lots to love and a few things to think about when it comes to whether this is the right option for you.

When it comes to outdoor gear, comfort and durability are two essential factors that can make or break your experience. Luckily, Swazi The Hood excels in both. If you're someone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, whether for work or leisure, The Hood is definitely worth considering.

However, if you prefer your fleeces to keep you dry in rainy or wet conditions, you might want to browse some other options. 

Swazi really values this popular garment, and plenty of happy customers agree. But to truly grasp its essence, seeing it and hearing people talk about it can give you some great insights. So, it may be worth checking out this informative YouTube video where Swazi's founder, Davey Hughes, shares more.

Matthew Holland and Robert Coates from Hollands Country Clothing Wearing Swazi The Hood On Their Family Farm

Alternative Mens Fleeces

If you're on the fence or want to know what other options are out there, we have a fantastic selection of fleeces for men to take a look through.

A couple of other Swazi clothing designs to take a look at are:

We've also highlighted a few other great options below, which may suit those with a smaller budget:

These other choices have similar features to The Hood, like durability and versatility, but come in slightly different designs and at different prices.



Swazi bills this as the fleece that you won't want to take off, and, after taking a further look into its features and design, we can see why. 

Soft fleece to keep you warm, simple aesthetics to match rural living, and practical features that boost its functionality - if this is your new wardrobe staple, you won't be going too far wrong. 

Whether you join the community of those who can't get enough of this outdoor garment, or you decide to opt for another mens fleece in our collection, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below what you look for in a fleece and why it's an essential item for your adventures!


About the Author 

Matthew Holland brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of shooting. Residing and working in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, Matthew not only writes about shooting experiences but lives them firsthand. As a member of a regular shoot, he draws from his personal experiences to share insights and recommendations for this country sport. Combining his practical knowledge with a genuine love for country living, Matthew is your trusted guide to all things shooting and hunting.

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