8 Top Tips for Buying Christmas Presents

The Christmas season can be a hectic time. You have lots of family and friends to see, many gatherings to attend, and lots of presents to buy. The reality is that buying Christmas gifts can be very stressful. Often, we don’t know what people want so we don’t want to get it wrong. Christmas, though, is a time of cheer and a perfect opportunity to remember that it is about kindness, gratitude, and spreading love. 

Here, we have put together a list of top tips for buying Christmas presents this year. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for Mum, Daughter, or Grandparents, read more below!

1. Do your Christmas shopping online 

Our first tip is to avoid the chaos of the shopping centres. By choosing to do your shopping on the internet you have already exempted yourself from the misery of shopping on the high street. This is a very smart move. Why wouldn't you want to do all your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home - saving money and time, and missing out on the stress of parking and fighting through the crowds. So, fire up the ipad, settle back and get started – you’re already well on the way to having a great Christmas.

2. It’s the thought that counts during the festive season   

Research shows that a gift is much more valued if the receiver can see that the sender has put something of themselves into the choice. Empathy and choosing something that shows you have a special connection with a person adds a huge amount of perceived value to a gift. A well thought out present easily makes up for a limited budget. So, it turns out it's true - it is the thought that counts.

3. Don’t worry too much about the perfect Christmas gift 

And remember it’s all small stuff. In the end it doesn’t matter if an odd present turns out to be a disappointment. That’s life.  But, if you plan ahead even small disappointments can be avoided. Start early, make a list, cross people off when their gift is picked, that way you’ll know exactly where you’re up to.

4. Buy a few extra presents in case you need a last minute gift 

There’s always the chance that you have forgotten somebody. Having your backups wrapped and ready to go is a safe thing to do. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a big present. Something like a pair of cosy socks or a warm, soft scarf will be more than enough.

5. Accessories are perfect gift ideas 

They are often either size neutral or one size fits all. Keeping things simple is a good idea. Why not consider a nice winter hat for your loved one, or a luxury pair of gloves? Everyone needs these things, and they don’t go out of fashion.

6. Listen carefully to your loved ones and friends 

Your loved ones will be consciously or subconsciously signalling what they want. Pay attention, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that if they complain about getting wet when they walk the dog they might love a new coat. You get the idea. Or, think about what they love doing in their spare time. If they love walking and being outdoors, then a waterproof jacket is perfect. Imagine how good you will feel when they are amazed to find just what they wanted inside their stocking. 

Even if you seem to have got it wrong, things are soon remedied. If something doesn’t fit or the recipient isn’t entirely happy with the colour, you can return any item to Holland’s Country Clothing right up to the 21st of January 2018 for an exchange or refund. Remember, keep all labels attached, don’t lose your order number and don't forget to fill out the returns form.

7.  Make it magical this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time and it’s easy to make it even more special. Create an atmosphere, set the scene – place the presents under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, invest in fancy wrapping paper and ribbons. Put some music on and treat everybody to a drink. This is what Christmas is all about, so enjoy it!

8. It’s okay to struggle to find a gift 

Not everyone is a gifted gifter. And let’s face it, some people are just difficult to buy for. So, it’s handy to know that Holland’s now do easy to give gift cards that make sure even surly uncles are sure get just what they wanted. Hollands Country Clothing Gift Cards - solve that problem. 

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift at Hollands Country Clothing 

Make things even simpler. You can find great presents and gift ideas for everybody all in one place – often at super sale prices. Whether you’re looking for gifts for men or gifts for women, we have you covered.

And that’s just about all you need to know to make you and your family’s Christmas even more special this year. May I end by taking this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the season!

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