The Top 5 Shooting Essentials from Deerhunter Clothing

The Top 5 Shooting Essentials from Deerhunter Clothing

The Top 5 Shooting Essentials from Deerhunter Clothing

When it comes to shooting clothing, there's usually one name on everyone's lips, and that's Deerhunter.

This Scandinavian brand has been trusted by generations to bring them the best in garments for their shooting and hunting pursuits. The reason why the brand is so popular is because it is deep-rooted in the basics. It understands and appreciates the foundations of a good shooting outfit. 

Whilst the brand certainly is celebrated for innovation, it's the core essentials that sees Deerhunter firmly settle at the top of the pack. The collections offered by the brand are all designed to bring about a functional hunting clothing ensemble that withstands extreme conditions and active use. Shooters and hunters can mix and match between the ranges, or they can kit themselves out fully with one particular style. 

So, let's take a closer look at all things shooting and all things Deerhunter - the perfect combination. 


What is Shooting Clothing?

Shooting clothing refers to the specialised apparel and accessories designed for individuals engaged in shooting activities.

It is essential for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those involved in hunting or target shooting, to invest in proper shooting clothing to ensure comfort, safety, and functionality in various weather conditions.

To make it suitable for these beloved country sports, the clothing needs to be designed with certain features. For example, you might expect to find reinforced shoulders and elbows on the shooting jackets, as these are vulnerable areas that withstand a lot of friction. The shooting trousers should be equipped with multiple pockets for easy storage, and it's great if they are waterproof too. Plus, you will need layering options, like a quality fleece gilet, to tackle those gnarly winter shoots and to breathe easy in the milder temperatures.

It's important not just to buy a garment, but to build an outfit. All your shooting clothing should complement itself, leaving you with attire that will last. 


Why is Shooting Clothing Important?

Shooting clothing is important for several reasons. 

  1. Protection - the garments often feature durable and weather-resistant materials to offer protection against the elements. Adverse weather conditions can be common on a shoot, so it's important to be prepared
  2. Performance - shooting sports can often require precise and steady aiming, and your clothing can play a role in supporting this. For example, shooting jackets are specifically tailored to provide stability and support to the shooter's position, aiming to minimise movement and improve accuracy
  3. Comfort - shooting and hunting sports can sometimes be all-day events, or even all-weekend, so the clothing you invest in is vital. You need garments that provide the maximum comfort, fit well, and also offer excellent freedom of movement
  4. Durability - clothing for shooting sports tends to be built a little differently to your regular wardrobe staples. The construction of the garments is thought-out so that it can hold its own against active hunting use and difficult conditions
  5. Specialised Features - these practical features help with the convenience and ease of shoot days. Strategically placed pockets can make all the difference, and reinforced stitching gives that added peace of mind
  6. Camouflage - some shooters and hunters like to build an outfit around camouflage patterns or colours that blend into the natural environment, helping them to remain concealed and unnoticed by their target prey 
  7. Aesthetic Appeal - having the right clothing provides a polished and professional appearance out on the field. Shooting tends to be a community sport, and it's always nice to look the part.


Why is Deerhunter a Trusted Hunting Brand?

Man Wearing Deerhunter Clothing Outside

Deerhunter is unquestionably a trusted hunting brand, thanks to its extensive experience in producing functional clothing since 1927. With over 90 years in the industry, Deerhunter has become a reliable name.

The brand understands the importance of reliable and high-quality gear in hunting expeditions, and its commitment to producing garments that excel in these areas is evident. It continuously strives to incorporate innovative features and advancements to enhance the performance and functionality of its garments.

With Deerhunter, hunters can have confidence in the performance and reliability of their gear, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their outdoor pursuits.


Top 5 Shooting Essentials from Deerhunter Clothing

Deerhunter has such a fantastic array of products, from hunting jackets and shooting breeks to layering fleece gilets and impeccable shooting accessories. 

There are a few essential items which every shooter needs to have in their wardrobe, and Deerhunter supplies them all. The brand wants to take the fuss and stress out of clothing shopping, and just allow you to get what you need, so you can then get out on the field. 

The 5 main garments to invest in are:

  • Shooting Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers or Breeks
  • Gilet or Waistcoat
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Hunting Cap.


Shooting Jacket

Man Wearing Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper Jacket

For anyone investing time into the traditional country sport of shooting, a reliable shooting jacket is an absolute essential.

Whilst tweed used to be the go-to choice, there are plenty of other options now available on the market. Deerhunter jackets, like the Pro Gamekeeper Jacket, are designed with modern fabrics and intricate features, but they still hold the essence of that classic country style. This is essentially what it is loved about these jackets - they are the best of both worlds. 

Enhanced functionality is also a priority, with these shooting jackets boasting several practical pockets that offer ample space for storing essentials such as ammunition or accessories. Plus, there are further thoughtful features like waterproof zippers and stretchable fabric, all intended to increase comfort and durability.

Deerhunter's choices, again, excel with their design and construction. Every little detail has been thought of, and hunters will appreciate that extra level of attention when they experience everything these Deerhunter jackets have to offer. 


Waterproof Trousers or Breeks

Man Wearing Deerhunter Trousers

When it comes to shooting clothing, waterproof trousers or breeks are a vital component.

People often think about the upper body and the feet, with a shooting jacket and wellies, but forget about keeping their legs dry too. Opting for trousers or breeks which have great waterproofing will add to your comfort on those rainy shoot days. 

Whether you prefer shooting trousers or love the ease of movement that breeks allow, the features should still ultimately be the same. Choose fabrics that are durable and comfortable, plus have that all-important water-repellent or waterproof design. Deerhunter trousers are known for providing all three of these key aspects. 

What Deerhunter does well with its trousers is that it doesn't skip out on how easy they are to wear. It sounds simple, but when you start incorporating technical features and thinking about making the garments long-lasting, this can sometimes alter the overall comfort of the trousers. But, not with Deerhunter. The brand knows what it's doing with its legwear, and it can always be relied upon. 


Gilet or Waistcoat

Man Wearing Deerhunter Gilet

Purpose-built with the needs of shooters in mind, these versatile layers offer exceptional warmth, comfort, and freedom of movement.

Deerhunter gilets are the perfect layering options to keep you happy throughout the changing seasons. There are different styles available from the brand, such as:

  • Fleece gilets
  • Quilted gilets
  • Padded gilets
  • Softshell gilet
  • Hi-vis vests.

The materials used provide excellent insulation, keeping the wearer warm and cosy. This is especially important during long hours spent outdoors, where comfort is key to maintaining focus and accuracy. It also means that the garments work well as both a stand-alone outer layer during milder temperatures, and as a mid-layer under your shooting jacket when it's bitterly cold outside.

Deerhunter uses its expertise and design skills to provide excellent options for any shooter needing to stock up on some essentials. 


Shooting Gloves

Close Up of Deerhunter Gloves Being Used for Shooting

Shooting gloves are a crucial accessory, providing both protection and improved grip while shooting.

These gloves are designed to enhance the shooting experience by ensuring a secure hold on the firearm whilst safeguarding the hands from potential injury. Waterproof gloves can also add additional weather protection for the rainy seasons. 

When it comes to shooting gloves, there are various options available on the market. Deerhunter has a vast selection of choices, from the heavyweight designs to the mesh material. What's great about the Deerhunter gloves are that they are often made with specially designed materials that trap heat and provide insulation without sacrificing dexterity. This allows for optimal focus and control when out on a shoot. 

This is an accessory which shouldn't be forgotten about, as gloves will be a valuable asset when winter comes. 


Hunting Cap

Two People Wearing Deerhunter Hats for Shooting

A well-chosen hunting cap or hat can add a touch of style to any hunter's ensemble, as well as providing the necessary protection out in the field. 

Choosing the right headwear depends on the weather, terrain, and personal style. It should match the rest of your shooting clothing well, not looking out of place with your jacket or your fleece. Additionally, it shouldn't look out of place in a sudden downpour or heatwave! It's important for the hat to do its job to the best of its ability. 

Deerhunter hats are extremely well-designed, constructed so that they suit all types of shooting and hunting, in all kinds of weather conditions.

With this brand, you can choose from:

  • Baseball caps
  • Flat caps
  • Winter hats
  • Beanies
  • Felt hats.

All at reasonable prices, with fabrics and features that highlight the brand's incredible reputation within the hunting community, finding your next essential cap is easy once you've discovered Deerhunter hats



Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these shooting essentials from Deerhunter are a must-have for enhancing your outdoor experience.

With Deerhunter clothing's extensive range of high-quality hunting apparel, you can trust that its products are designed with the hunter in mind. From comfortable and durable shooting jackets, to protective hunting caps, the brand has everything you need for success. 

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