Blundstone Footwear Care Guide

Blundstone footwear have long been popular by outdoor enthusiasts thanks to classic designs and amazing durability. Having shoes that let you down, give you wet feet or cause blisters isn’t a great feeling for anyone - and that’s why Blundstone stands apart.

You’ll get comfort, support and long-lasting boots that can handle any adventure you embark on. To keep your boots going anywhere, doing anything, and looking good every step of the way they need to be looked after and our Blundstone footwear care guide is just what you need.

How To Care For Your Blundstones

Although these boots are designed to last, they still need care and attention. These boots are made from a range of different finishes such as leather, suede, nubuck or canvas each needs your attention spending on it sometimes.

  • If your boots get wet, leave them to air dry before cleaning.
  • Store your boots in a dry place away from any heat source.
  • It is always good practice to waterproof your boots regularly as this will protect them from staining.
  • Never dry your boots by a heat source such as an open fire as this will cause the leather to harden, shrink or crack. Always allow your boots to dry naturally, Air Dry.
  • If your boots come into contact with any chemicals, solvents, strong acids or alkalis clean your boots immediately as these items can cause irreparable damage as can milk or salt.
  • Only use good quality cleaning substances on your boots and use specific products to specific materials, i.e., never use a leather cleaner on your suede and vice-versa.

Caring For Leather Blundstones

Leather is a durable and flexible material and needs to be polished and brushed to keep it from drying out and cracking.

  1. Firstly, if you have mud on your boots clean this off with a soft brush or a damp cloth. 
  2. If using a cloth, or if your boots have got wet through, leave them to air-dry.
  3. Do not leave them in direct sunlight or near central heating or heaters of any kind as they will crack.
  4. Apply a cream, spray or polish to your boots using a soft cloth and moving in circular motions. It is best to test the colour of the polish you are using on an unseen area of your boot as the colour may alter to one you don’t like.
  5. Once this has been done all over the boot, use another clean, soft cloth and gently buff away any excess residue.

Try to use a leather conditioner on your boots as often as possible as this will feed and condition the leather keeping it in good condition and supple.

Caring For Suede Boots

Blundstone suede boots require a slightly different method of care and cleaning than leather. Follow these steps to keep your boots in great condition.

  1. Use a suede brush to clean off any surface dirt or grime.
  2. Scuff marks on suede can be rubbed away using an eraser which you use for rubbing out pencil. Simply rub with the rubber and then wipe away the debris.
  3. Using the suede brush again dampen in clean water and add a small amount of suede and leather cleaner to it, focussing on any particularly stained spots.
  4. Once cleaned all over and you are satisfied with your job dab with a clean towel to remove any of the excess moisture that may have occurred.
  5. Then leave to air dry. Again, do not put in direct sunlight or near a heater a boot room would be perfect.
  6. Once they are dry spray with a water and stain repellent spray.

Use your suede protector as often as possible as this will keep them looking nice and try to put it on before going out in the rain or in powerful sunlight.

Cleaning Nubuck Boots

Nubuck is made from top-grain cattle leather which has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, thus producing a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is similar to suede but has more strength and thickness and a finer grain due to it being from the outer side of the hide. It is soft to the touch but can scratch easily and water tends to darken the patina but when dry the colour should return to the original.

  1. Use a nubuck cloth to remove any surface dirt.
  2. Once cleaned of the initial dirt use a nubuck brush in circular movements quickly but gently to get rid of any residue.
  3. Again, if you have any scuffs rub them with a pencil eraser and wipe away any rubber rubbish. 
  4. Dab the shoes with a clean towel to remove any excess moisture and then leave to air dry.
  5. Once thoroughly dry apply a nubuck water and stain repellent.

Cleaning Canvas Footwear

Canvas footwear and boots are made from a different material that isn’t always as durable as leather, but it can be a lot more versatile. Follow these steps to clean your canvas boots.

  1. When cleaning canvas, scrub away any patches of dirt with a soft brush.
  2. Use a clean cloth or again a soft bristled brush dipped in clean warm water and clean the entire surface of the boot.
  3. Once cleaned all over fill the boots with tissue paper, to soak up any excess moisture and leave to air dry.
  4. Never put canvas shoes in a tumble dryer as they will shrivel up and the sole will be damaged. If you don’t have a soft brush a soft bristle toothbrush will do the job.

Caring For Blundstone Footwear

Blundstone footwear and boots will last a long time if cared for properly, so follow the steps above to make sure you get the most out of your favourite pair of boots. You’ll enjoy comfort and support - and dry feet - on every outdoor adventure.

If you have questions about caring for any of your Blundstone boots, get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to help.


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