When your own Nature is Leading you. 

In 1086 Birmingham was a hamlet worth 20 shillings, by the middle of the 20th century it was the centre of Britain’s manufacturing industry.

In 1889 it achieved city status and thanks to the number of businesses that based themselves in and around the town became known as the ‘City of a Thousand Traders’.

With its ability to constantly adapt and transform to the ever-changing needs of a population Birmingham became a successful industrial and commercial city over its history.

In the 1600’s the city was the centre of the UK’s metal working industries. During the Civil War over 15,000 swords were made by hand by the principal tradesmen of the time, the Blacksmith.

The first canal was built in 1768 and gave Birmingham access to impressive travel links. Being located near the coalfields of Northern Warwickshire and with the canals in place Birmingham soon became a large part of the global economy. Products from Birmingham found their way to Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, using the highly skilled and multicultural workforce to maintain the city’s high commercial and imperial ambitions.

Birmingham Industry

In the early part of the 1970’s a family began to manufacturer garments on a small scale intended to supply the wholesale market based in London and Manchester and in turn becoming one of the one thousand city traders.

In 1984 the business expanded and opened a small wholesale showroom in Manchester. With a lot of their customers now coming from Yorkshire the company diversified into outdoor and country clothing and Trade Marked the name Bronte Countrywear.

With timeless, traditional styles Bronte like to produce garments that are practical and versatile.

Their thick moleskin trousers and shirts, tweed shooting coats and wax jackets inspire thoughts of days on the moor, or out in the field amongst the grouse and the field hare.

Warm and substantial this clothing is designed to keep you outside for longer than intended. Whatever your outdoor pursuit Bronte has borne this in mind when designing their range, taking into consideration the practicalities of the country wearer, and adding extras such as a breathable interlining into their trousers.

Emily Bronte, of the Bronte sisters, wrote:

I will walk where my own nature would be leading:

It vexes me to choose another guide:

Where the grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding.

Where the wild wind blows on the mountainside.

When your own nature is leading you, let Bronte be by your side.

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