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Caring for your Leather Goods

Caring for your Leather Goods

Leather is a luxurious item and can last you a lifetime. Loved for its style and versatility, as well as its visual nuances, varying textures, its ever-developing patinas, and its slow and subtle changes that tell a story of your history and a life well lived.

The way you care for your leather can have a varying impact on its appearance over time. Polishing your leather for instance helps to maintain its original shine. For a more natural and casual look a regular dusting or a wipe with a slightly damp cloth can suffice.

Patent leather benefits more from a leather cream to nourish, hydrate and preserve its subtleness. Gentle rubbing with a soft cloth can also help remove stains and scratches.

Special care should be taken with smooth leather and abrasive methods should be avoided as this will damage the look of the leather and cause scratches.

When cleaning textured leather always work with the grain. Remove any build up from grooves and crevices, with a soft brush (a soft bristle toothbrush is ideal) before applying any specialised cleaning products.

Water and oil can stain your suede or nubuck so dry cleaning is always recommended and best left to an expert.

If you were to get light grease or oil on your item, we advise covering it in dry cornflour and leaving until you can get to the drycleaners. Do not try to scrub the mark away.

Printed leather can be brushed with a soft bristle brush or cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in clean, tepid water and wrung out till only damp. Coloured balms and polishes should be avoided as they may not truly match the pattern and thus ruin your item.

Remember leather is a natural product and needs some care and attention to keep it at its best. Try not to overfill a handbag or a purse as this can push out the sides of the item and cause them to stretch unnecessarily.

Take more care of items you use regularly. Use a soft cloth or brush to go over the leather occasionally.

Always store your leather products away from direct sunlight.

Try to store handbags and such in dust bags when you are not using them and keep them away from artificial heat sources such as radiators.

Try to air leather handbags and/or purses out occasionally.

Blot away any water or moisture that gets on them as soon as possible.

Dry wet leather naturally away from artificial heat.

Remember to test any product that you feel necessary to use on your leather product in an area that can’t be seen.

Don’t put your leather items in a washing machine or a tumble dryer.

Don’t put your leather items in a bowl full of water to wash them.


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