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Created by Riders, for Riders, who know what Riders need.

Dublin is a small town on the main highway 70km north of Adelaide, Australia. A population of only 403 residents this rural location has a hotel, post office agency, butcher, greengrocer, and a nice little park for if you want a picnic, it also has plenty of horse-riding acreage.

Dublin Australia

The Dublin brand first began 40 years ago. Inspired to create products that were created by riders, for riders by riders who know what is needed in every product they create.

A small range of jodhpurs were developed to give the rider comfort in the saddle. Following on from the success of the range a wider choice was developed and started to include, casual clothing, breeches, footwear, riding hats, and competition clothing for dispatch across the world.

Using state of the art technology Dublin have created a range of clothing that can take you from stable to school gate, trekking to tearooms, gallops to garden centres and barn to bar.

Cold winter mornings when the ground is wet and muddy Dublin boots often come into their own. When you consider the amount of time you are on your feet with your horse the impact that your footwear can have on your feet is huge. Making sure you have quality footwear is imperative to not incur long term injuries which may impede your time in the saddle.

Three years of global research have gone into the making of Dublin’s boots across the board. Ensuring comfort all day. The unique Rider Comfort System (RCS) has been designed in different comfort levels so that you, the rider, and wearer can choose.

This super technological comfort support has been designed to take you from the beginning to the end of the day.

Dublin Boot Insole

RCS features include hand selected leather which ensures the riders feet are comfortable from the first wear. Sweat control lining which wicks moisture away, thus controlling perspiration and keeping the feet dry and comfortable. An enhanced cushion layer supplies enhanced cushioning across the entire foot. Padded heel cushion provides impact absorbing support whenever the rider needs it. The cupped heel and arch support use memory to custom the shape of the heel and the arch of the foot for perfect support. Impact absorption zones reduce the shock on landing after a ride and enhance the foots stability in the stirrup. Steel arched foundation secures the foundation of the boots to ensure the lifespan of the boot. The enhanced outer sole features stronger abrasion for longer wear and better insulation from extreme temperatures.

This technological know how ensures when you are wearing a Dublin boot you know that it has been created by a rider for a rider who knows what a rider needs.

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