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Dublin Boots Care Guide

Dublin River Boots Care Guide

These boots will quickly become a staple of your outdoors or equestrian wardrobe. But, to get the best from these leather boots, they will need a little care and attention every once in a while. With a little effort and the right treatment, your Dublin River boots will last you well and maintain their performance for longer. 

Animal manure and other liquids (particularly salt water) can be corrosive to leather; washing your boots thoroughly with clean water after contact is essential to maintaining the fabric in tip-top condition. Use a soft brush cleaning kit and leather cleaner where necessary. 

We recommend always cleaning and drying boots before storing. Treating with a leather or suede conditioner from our range of nikwax products or other cleaning products is also suggested, particularly before storing for a prolonged period. Keep these boots in a cool and dry environment with a consistent temperature and avoid storage in direct sunlight or damp conditions where mould might develop. 

To avoid damage to the fabric, always test cleaners and conditioners on a small, inconspicuous area of the leather before treating the whole boot.

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