Harkila Care Guide

How to Care for your Clothing

Harkila clothing is full of innovative technology and therefore needs extra care to prolong its life and to give you the performance you expect.

Cotton Clothes can be washed in a washing machine following the guidelines on the labels:

It is best NOT to use detergents with perfume as any wild game will be able to smell you.

Do NOT use detergent with optical whites as the animals will pick up on this

Also do NOT use fabric softener or conditioner

Clothes that require a low spin cycle will have a line under the temperature guide on the care label

Washing 30 degree

Tumble drying is not recommended for Harkilas cotton clothing

For woollen clothing simply hang them up and let them air. Wool has a self-cleaning feature and therefore should not need to be washed.

If you do need to wash your item, then use the special wool program on your washing machine

For washing items with a membrane, you should only use liquid detergents, so it prevents any detergent residue being left in the membrane.

Spin on a low cycle

If you need to improve the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) put your clothes in a dryer and follow the care guidelines on the label.

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