Harkila Garment Technology Explained

Tanatex – an effective insect repellent that keeps flies, mosquitoes, and ticks away. Tanatex contains permethrin which is toxic to insects and is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a public health pesticide.

Selected Harkila products have been impregnated with Tanatex. Permethrin attacks the nervous system of insects causing paralysation and death. Warm blooded creatures (apart from Cats) can break down the permethrin as soon as it enters their bodies, so the chemical poses no danger to humans.

Tanatex can last on clothing for up to 100 washes.

AXIS MSP – This camouflage is developed to keep you unseen by game. The Harkila Axis MSP camouflage is one of the most tested camouflage patterns in today’s market. It has been designed to be effective for a variety of different terrains at different times of the hunting season. MSP = Multi Season Pattern.

Axis MSP works using two axes, the first pattern mimics the background vegetation and prevents detection. The second breaks up the outline of the hunter and prevents recognition allowing for the hunter to get closer to their prey.

Gore-Tex – high performance, durable waterproofness, optimized breathability, total windproofness technology that upgrades your comfort and protection.

Harkila Weather System – (HWS) is a windproof and waterproof technology developed specifically for hunting. Solution for the hunter who wants high performance whilst staying dry and comfortable even during high-intensity activities and in harsh conditions.

HWS uses Hydrophilic membranes which draw out moisture. It rapidly absorbs and removes perspiration. The moisture is wicked through the membrane and distributed on the outside of the garment where it rapidly evaporates and stabilises the inside temperature of the garment.

Harkila Storm Pro – (HSP) is a lightweight and windproof membrane, designed especially for hunting. It has built in stretch for maximum ease of movement and flexibility. Highly breathable and fully windproof.

Polartec - one of the most advanced performance textiles available invented in 1981, there are now over 300 different modern synthetic Polartec fabrics that are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable regardless of your activity.

The different fabrics range from lightweight base layers to stretchable fabrics, water repellent soft shells to flame resistant fabrics. Harkila uses the Polartec technology in a wide range of their products.

VerriSteel – ensures a high degree of safety. Flexible yet tough knitted textile with a high tear and puncture resistance. It is a protective layer of high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) which can be found in various forms of body armour.

Verristeel has been tested by the authoritative German test institutes KWF (Das Kuratorium Fur Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) and DPLF (Deutsche Pruf- und Zertifizierungsstelle fur Land-und Forsttechnik). Both institutes certify that the Wild Boar Pro trousers have been developed in accordance to the standard of the EN ISO 13688 and are tested and certified in accordance with the regulations (EU) 2016/425 that concerns personal protective clothing.

Although these are certified it must be known that no safety equipment can give full protection.

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