Jack Murphy

A True Irish Heritage

In 1892 Dublin Corporation opened a wholesale fruit, veg and fish market as an alternative to food being sold off the back of dirty carts on dirty streets.

Jack Murphy Market

When the market building was erected, it cost around £20,000. The building had stone and ironwork decorations in the form of fruit and vegetables and fish on the fish market side. Above the main gate, on the top of the building there were the statues of the goddesses of Justice and Law and the motto of Dublin City – Obedientium civiorum Urbis felicitas – Happy the city whose citizens obey. The entrance bore the city’s coat of arms and a commemorative plaque of the opening by the Lord Mayor on the 6th of December 1892.

The Romanesque style building was very impressive and was described as ‘second to none in the Empire’.

Local farmers came via horse and cart to sell their wares, bringing fresh produce daily.

Born to a local fish merchant Jack Murphy knew the market well. He grew up around the streets of the market, taking in the sites and the sounds of this very busy, but often smelly hub bub of life.

Jack Murphy in Military Uniform

When he was just 17 the Second World War broke out and three years later, he joined the RAF in Belfast.

Working as a Radar Control Officer, Jack was sent to Hiroshima, Japan. In 1945 having suffered a knee injury he was flown back to Britain. On the 6th of August that same year the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These two bombings killed a total combined of 455,000 people, most of whom were civilians.

After his close call Jack settled back into Irish life. In 1950 he married Frances and they had five children, moving to the small, picturesque town of Skerries, Co Dublin, where they had first met.

The Murphy Family

It was also in Skerries that Jack launched his first business in the clothing industry. A small factory, they designed, cut, stitched, and packaged the garments and then delivered them around Dublin.

Michael Murphy was the second son of Jack and ran a successful fruit and vegetable stall in Skerries town. He was keen to learn the ropes of his father’s business and the Irish clothing industry in general so gave up his market stall and set to work buying surplus army gear and selling it around Ireland often enduring all four seasons in one day.

Michael Murphy and his Father, Jack Murphy

It was whilst on these road trips that Michael and his then business partner realised that there was a gap in the market for outdoor camping gear. So, in the 1980’s they set up business together to become known as Jack Murphy Clothing, selling outdoor clothing and camping gear.

Over the last 40 years Jack Murphy has evolved immensely. They still produce quality clothing with the heart of the family and Ireland still beating at its centre.

Michael Murphy remains as the managing director but now he has his daughter Sarah working by his side. Still keeping alive the tradition and values of the company and still producing stylish and sophisticated pieces to add to your country wardrobe.

Michael Murphy and his daughter, Sarah

Jack Murphy logo

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