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Tweed Care Guide

How to look after your tweed

Tweed has been a central part to any classic country wardrobe since the 1800’s. This quintessentially British fabric can last through a lifetime when cared for properly.

Invented in the 18th century by Scottish farmers to keep them warm and dry through the harsh winters in the Highlands, Tweed – which was known as Clò-Mór in Gaelic was woven to be as water resistant as possible.

An endurable fabric the British aristocracy soon began to use it at their estates for their staff’s uniforms. When the fabric was first produced it was pattern-less but as production took off patterns were able to be added and the gentry could commission a piece of cloth to made specific to their estate.

By the 1840’s the production of tweed had improved, and the aristocracy had realised the potential of this versatile, weather resistant cloth. They soon took it to their hearts, and it has become a staple of the country-set.

Making tweed is a complicated process and even though, nowadays, it is mechanised the process still needs organisation to ensure the vibrant and often intricate patterns can be produced.

Although renowned for being tough, tweed is not indestructible. Tweed is a wool based product and can easily shrink if not washed correctly so always have it dry-cleaned whenever possible.

If you do need to clean your tweed, then:

Firstly, hand wash in cool, clean water, 30 degrees max.

Use a very mild shampoo such as a baby shampoo.

Gently squeeze out the suds, do not wring, rub or stretch your garment.

Rinse in fresh, clean, and cool water.

Again, gently squeeze out the water, do not try to lift the garment as the weight will cause the garment to stretch.

Spread the garment flat on a few towels and shape it back into the shape it should be.

Leave to dry naturally away from any direct heat or sunlight.

You should store your tweed on a good quality padded hanger and cover the garment in plastic to prevent moths eating the fabric.

Keeping your tweed well cared for will keep you looking at your best whatever your pursuit.

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