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Champion Heathfield Micro Fleece Lined Shirt

£19.95 GBP

Champion Country Check Fleece Lined Shirt

NEW - Champion's latest lined shirt in a traditional country check pattern, in colours that are smart but work friendly.

Beautifully warm and comfortable - Lined with wonderfully warm microfleece in the body and arms - non bulky nature of mircro fleece means the shirt does not feel heavy or constrict movement.

Can be worn outdoors as an overshirt, or indoors for people who feel the cold (instead of a bulky jacket or pullover), the fleece layer is inconspicuous, so it looks like a normal shirt.

Outer of superior quality 55% polyester 45% cotton material - washes easily, wears well.

Two inches longer than standard body length (stays tucked in - no nasty draughts), with straight hem. Can be worn in or out of trousers.

Champion branded buttons.

Single chest pocket with button closure.

Chest size now goes all the way to XXXL.

Experience the warmth of a micro fleece lined shirt - you'll be surprised something so light and easy to wear could be so warm!

Great Value for Money

Two Colours; Blue (with red check), Green (with red and blue check)

Sizes Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL

Sizing Tip; when laid flat and measured across the front,
the small measures 21 inches (neck size to fit approx. 14.5"),
the Medium measures 22 inches (neck size to fit approx. 15.5"),
the Large measures 23 inches(neck size to fit approx. 16-16.5"),
the XL measures 24 inches (neck size to fit approx. 17-17.5"),
the XXL measures 25 inches (neck size to fit approx. 18-18.5"),
the XXXL measures 26 inches (neck size to fit approx. 19-19.5") .
Try comparing these measurements to a similar item of clothing that fits you.

The length of the back is between 32 and 34 inches depending upon the size

The under arm to cuff measurement is between 20 and 23.5 inches depending upon the size

Micro fleece is a soft, fine weave fleece, which is light and not bulky, when coupled with a shirt outer, it offers exceptional warmth without feeling heavy and constricting.