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Leatherman Raptor Emergency Foldable Medical Shears with Molle Compatible Holster

£73.95 GBP

Leatherman Raptor Emergency Shears

For quality you can rely on in an emergency, the Leatherman Raptor folding medical scissors are a robust, multi-purpose piece of kit designed for medics, EMTs, paramedics and other uniformed responders. 

Crafted from 420HC stainless steel, these trauma shears are capable of quickly cutting through any materials you might face in an emergency situation. Their serrated edges also maintain grip, regardless of what type of material you’re up against. Two additional cutters make short work of straps, seatbelts and even soft metal rings and will save vital moments when it matters. 

A U.S standard oxygen tank wrench is also included and allows you to open oxygen tanks quickly under pressure, and, like the rest of the multitool, is sturdy and robust - meaning you can rely on it to hold up even in the most extreme of environments. 

These pocket Leatherman scissors also include a 5cm ruler for precision measuring, as well as a glass breaker with a hardened carbide tip for shattering glass. Furthermore, this versatile and reliable multitool comes apart for easy clearing and maintenance between use. 

What’s more, the Leatherman Raptor is designed with a lanyard hole in the body of the multitool to keep it safe and secure and on your person at all times. A removable clip provides further versatility, and can be attached to a pocket or belt loop. These medical shears can also be securely fastened in the Molle compatible holster that comes with the product. 

Whatever the situation and however much pressure you face, you can rely on the Leatherman Raptor to be functional, sturdy and provide the tools you need at the critical moment. 

The Leatherman Raptor includes six professional tools: 

  • Trauma shears with serrated edges to help maintain grip when cutting any material
  • A strap cutter that can slice through even the toughest fabrics, including seatbelts, straps and canvas.  
  • A hooked ring cutter that can shear through soft metal rings
  • Five centimetre ruler on one blade for precision measuring 
  • An oxygen tank wrench for fast opening of oxygen tanks 
  • A carbide glass breaker for shattering vehicle windows or other glass 


Colours: Black, Orange, Tan, Green, Red, or Blue  

Sheath: Molle compatible holster  

Shear Length: 1.9 in | 4.8 cm 

Closed Length: 5 in | 12.7 cm 

Weight: 5.8 oz | 164 g