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Lighthouse Rainwear Canterbury Hat

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Canterbury Waterproof  Brimmed Hat by Lighthouse

This is the latest version of the Canterbury rain hat 

This stylish waterproof hat has been part of the Target Dry collection for several years, but has just been redesigned and re branded in a range of new colourways to coincide with the introduction of the Lighthouse Outback 3 and Outrider 3 Coats in a total of 4 new colours

This stylish brimmed cloche hat is still produced by Target Dry, but is now part of the Lighthouse Waterproofs range

Outer waterproof and windproof polyester cotton fabric, rain just runs off

Wide brim protects face from wind and rain - or even the sun

Brim is stiffened, but flexible so the hat retains shape and does not become floppy

Features stylish headband with suedette trim

Soft warming suedette lining

Now in three sizes for an even better fit - stays in place even on windy days!

The new Canterbury Hat sets the standard for waterproof style at a very reasonable price

Colours; Plum, Nightshade Navy, Deep Sea Blue, Fern Green,

Picking your size -
The measurements are as follows;
the Small measure 57 cm / 22.5 inches, the Medium measures 59 cm / 23 inches, and the large measures 61 cm / 23.85 inches.
Measurements are of the hat circumference, please allow for fitting when making your choice.

The Lighthouse Canterbury Hat can be worn on its own, but is designed to be the perfect accessory for the new Outback 3 coat - in colours Fern, Plum and Nightshade