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All systems GO! | Tom Pemberton Farm Blog

Thomas Pemberton, Farmer and Youtube sensation, is back for another monthly update for Hollands Country Clothing!

This month has been filled with power harrowing, rolling, mowing and best of all silaging. As with all farmers I don’t think there is such a thing as a quiet month, there is always stuff to be doing and it’s all systems go all the time. I couldn’t have done all this work, without the help of the Ginger warrior (aka Dad) and Ben our weekend worker for doing some extra hours. Being a staff member down in the farming industry is always hard and it’s been a real team effort to get through this month to get things done. After a lot of late nights, long hours, tractors not starting and having food poisoning, I am happy to say I am still here and loving life as a farmer.

Tom Pemberton Farmer

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning of the month, when we started on the power harrow. Now this was good fun for me, as it wasn’t something I had done before or was even aware we owned one. Well that’s my Dad for you, he’d only gone and lent it to someone eight years ago and just hadn’t bothered to get it back. Considering it hadn’t been working for eight years, had no oil in and I’d never done it before, I think we did pretty well. We got the power harrow done on our 3.6. acre field and then quickly moved onto rolling. The pressure was on though, as it always is to beat the rain before it came crashing down. The Ginger warrior was full speed and getting it done but just as we got onto the last roll the heavens opened, making it impossible to continue. We had to leave it for another day, however I am pleased to say we got it done, the grass is growing and the field is looking very promising. I managed to vlog the process and the difference 10 days can make, is just amazing. The land has turned around massively from what it was and now hopefully we’ll get our first bit of hay from it, this year. I will keep you updated on this should be around July time!

Tractor on Pemberton farm field

Then it was mowing time for the other 100 acres, which we started on a Sunday. This was right after my cousin’s stag do. So, as you can imagine my head was feeling a bit heavy to say the least, getting in from a night out at 4:00 am and heading to work at 6:00 am was not ideal. I do not recommend this and it is very unlike me as well, as I am normally in bed by 10:00 pm every night ha-ha. We opened up the 10 and 20 acres and got going but as many people know nothing is ever easy. Our tractor stopped and the PTO snapped, which resulted in us having to get people out to fix it, costing us 4 hours of working time. Although this did give me time for a bacon butty and a good old nap ha-ha. Once it was all fixed, it was back to it and now we were chasing our tails to get it all done before the contractors came on Wednesday morning, we had more fields to do, so it was, GO GO GO! I worked late Sunday, Monday and Tuesday finishing around 10:00 pm that last evening. Contractors arrived at 11:00 am Wednesday and we were off silaging! The contractors we work with are great and means we can get through it all in the one day. This year was a huge success as we had a great crop meaning lots of food for our cows, which is what every farmer wants. Better to have too much, then be short over those winter months. If you want to see us fill the silage clamp this is all on my YouTube videos. My girlfriend joins me on the Wednesday evening with food and to keep me company, as it was my fourth late night, I was started to get a bit tired.

Tractor Pemberton Farm machinery

Finally, the month wasn’t all tractor work! I did manage to go on holiday at the beginning of the month to Portugal, it was beautiful and the hotel we stayed in was very different to my normal comforts of the farm. It was really nice to have some time away and chill, the only downside was out of the 7 days, four of them were spent in bed with food poisoning, not ideal. Definitely staying away from fish next time and keeping to my usual steaks ha-ha. When we got back off holiday is was due date time for Mini one of our highlands at the farm. Our lovely highland herd grew once again. Taking us from six to seven as we welcomed another baby girl called May into the family. As I mentioned in my first blog this never gets old, welcoming new life to the farm has to be my favourite thing. Even though I see it almost every day there is something really quite special about it and I am delighted to say May is doing really well and settling into the family! I hope you liked this month’s blog; I feel like so much has happened in May, it’s hard to fit it all in but I just want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to read it. I am overwhelmed when people message me to say they’ve read my blog with Holland clothing, who’d have thought when I was a kid at school, that I’d be writing a blog and have over 70,000 people followers on YouTube (not me). I feel so blessed. So, Thank you everyone. See you in June for more farming antics.

Tom Pemberton and father


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