Anna’s Top Picks: Winter Farming and Outdoor Wear for Country Living and Working

Anna's Top Choices for Farm Clothing and Outdoor Work in Winter

As a seasoned farmer with a knack for navigating the challenges of winter work on the farm, Anna Truesdale is here to share her top picks for staying warm, dry, and productive during the colder months. 


Hi folks! Well WOW. What a time we’ve had this last 6 months.

I know everybody probably says the same thing but, it really does feel like the year has flown by. As autumn sun gives way to winter winds, it’s starting to feel like 2020 is coming to an end.


A Brief Update on Our Farm… 

Farm wise, we’re still muddling through calving. Our calf house is full of life and now that some of the youngest are weaned, it feels like we’re cruising towards getting to take things a little easier (she types, as she yawns from the 2am calving check!)

Sheep have also now descended onto the farm for their winter grazing. It’s actually been really nice to get to see some sheep up close again. After working on a totally dairy farm for nearly 6 months now, the little balls of wool are quite a welcome change!

I’ve properly packed away my summer farming attire and reached into the depths of the ‘Waterproofs’ cupboard to make life outside a little bit more comfortable.

So with that said, I thought this month (and in preparation for what’s pipped to be one of the wettest winters we’ve had in years), I thought I’d go through some of my top-picks from the Hollands Country Clothing website for the change in seasons. 


Outdoor Farm Clothing for the Upcoming Winter Months 

Proper outdoor clothing is so important for farmers and anyone else who works outside. This is so true in the winter months as well, especially on those cold and wet early mornings. Luckily, Hollands Country Clothing has many cold weather clothing options to keep us all warm when we need it most. 

Take a look at my top winter clothing and accessory picks below:


1. Stay toasty with the Frida Padded Waterproof Parka

Frida Padded Waterproof Parka in different colours against a white background

Hollands Country Clothing very kindly sent me one of these a few months back and it’s a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.

This waterproof parka is a coat of dreams. It’s long enough to cover your bum, it zips right up under your chin, there’s approximately one million pockets and it’s got cuffed sleeves which stop any draft. It's super waterproof and I’ve been recommending it to everyone! It also comes in a few different colours, which is great. 

There are also lots of other fantastic waterproof coats available in the full Didriksons collection.


2. Protect yourself from the elements with Fort Bib and Brace Overalls

Fort Airflex Waterproof Breathable Bib and Brace Overalls in navy and olive against a white background

These are an absolute must-have for winter farming!

I live in the bib and brace overalls from HCC. They’re the perfect length, have a breast pocket that fits your phone and are really easy to clean. They are great not only for farmers, but for anyone working outside for long periods of time such as vets and fishermen.

To top it off, they’ll last you years as well.


3. Layer up with an insulating fleece 

I’m a big fan of lots of layers in the winter, and fleeces are a fantastic way of doing this.

I don’t know about you, but I usually leave the house with about 6 layers and come home in about 2 (then spend the rest of the day gathering up all the clothing layers I’ve shed whilst I’ve been working). Simple fleeces are so handy to throw on and make getting dressed in the early hours so easy.


4. Keep your body extra cosy with a gilet 

I love the look of these gilets and it’s the same idea again, lots of layers that can be either put on or taken off depending on the job (and the weather!). This makes getting dressed for a day's work so handy.

It’s also so lightweight, you can wear it on its own with a top underneath or when it’s really cold, you can add more layers on top. You’ll be so toasty!


Winter Shoes and Accessories for Farmers 

Winter accessories and footwear for farming are just as important as winter clothing. And these accessories have really helped me when battling the early morning temperatures, especially when they reach below freezing (Wow!)

Here are some winter essentials to help get you through the icy months: 


1. Stay stylish and comfortable with waterproof outdoor boots 

I’ve had a pair of Dublin River Boots for years and they’ve worn so well.

They’re super comfortable for walking, fantastic grip on the soul and look beautiful on (even when they’re covered in cow dung!) Plus, not only are they good for farming, they’re also perfect for any outdoor activity.

What makes them so good for the outdoors is that they’re waterproof, which is absolutely essential when you’re out in the mud and rain all day.


2. Commando socks to keep cold feet away

Do yourself a favour this winter and get yourself some proper warm socks!

Cold feet are a massive no no in my books, you might not feel the effects when you’re younger but trust me, you’ll thank yourself for keeping your feet warm when you get them age-related aches. These wool rich commando socks are perfect for winter. 


3. Keep your face and neck free from frostbite 

I love wearing a neck snood in the winter. There’s genuinely nothing worse than having a cold face and neck and a neck snood which covers the area makes a massive difference. 

Getting Ready for the Winter Months? 

Hopefully, you have found my top picks for winter farming clothes helpful.

It might be expensive to get fully kitted out, but trust me, it’s so worth it in the long run. These products have really helped me face the cold and get on with farming jobs, without thinking about freezing to death too much!

 Anna Truesdale wearing a Didriksons Frida parka in navy blue on her farm

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Anna Truesdale is a passionate fourth-generation dairy farmer from County Down in Northern Ireland. She holds a First-Class honours degree in Agricultural Technology from Queens University in Belfast, but her heart lies in the hands-on, feet-in-the-mud agriculture which she grew up in and still works in today. Through her online platform, she loves educating those with limited knowledge of farming, as well as sharing insights and promoting sustainable practices in the agricultural industry.

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